Are We Really Ready

In 2001, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) formed a affiliation alleged "The Affiliation for Community Safety: Strengthening America's Readiness." The focus of the affiliation was to strengthen the healthcare community's acknowledgment to disasters. It brought calm several healthcare organizations in an accomplishment to assignment calm against this goal.  Choose an alignment that is a allotment of this movement, and adapt a cardboard on the organization. In your paper, accommodate the answers for the afterward points: 

•A abrupt actual accomplishments of the organization 

•The capital purpose and the role of the organization 

•Any authoritative requirements or guidelines, which the alignment formulated for adversity preparedness 

•Any acquaintance the alignment has had with the adversity response 

•Any acknowledged or ethical issues that the alignment has encountered with attention to emergency preparedness 

•Any training the alignment conducts for emergency preparedness 

•Any alternative issues begin during online analysis  

Using South University Online Library or the Internet, analysis on the affair "The Dark Winter Experiment." On the base of your analysis and your compassionate of the topic, acknowledgment the afterward questions: 

•What was the Dark Winter experiment? Why was this agreement important? 

•How has the agreement helped us today in ambidextrous with an emergency response?  

Submission Details 

Combine your responses in 4-page not counting the awning folio or the advertence page. 

Support your responses with acumen and examples. 

Cite any sources in APA format.

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