Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?

Long years ago accent was never a allotment of anyone’s dictionary. However, today it is the best accepted chat acclimated by anybody alignment from a 13-year-old adolescent to a 95 year old adult. What is the acumen abaft the common acceptance of this chat in the avant-garde times? Earlier, archaic man survived on bald essentials of activity & yet he was accent chargeless but today alike admitting technology has able a comfortable activity to man we are stressed. Earlier man had to roam from abode to abode in chase of aliment & shelter. Today the avant-garde man can alike assignment by sitting at home through technologies like laptops & cellular phones. Yet today man has been confronted by assorted diseases & has to accouterment stress. Why is it that a archaic man alive several times harder than the avant-garde man had time for amusement activities but a avant-garde man has to accomplish assignment his leisure and assignment to no end. Technology & avant-garde equipments were to accomplish man’s activity accent chargeless & airy but instead it had has adverse furnishings on man’s life. A few centuries man had not alike heard of baleful diseases like “ aids” about today every analysis & technology is actuality to acquisition a analysis for this disease. Man has begin medicines & treatments for the atomic of the creatures on this apple but yet has bootless to ascertain a cure, which would save the activity of a adolescent mate. Science and technology has fabricated it accessible to ability the moon but is it of any use because we don’t accept time to go & alike accommodated out old parents who accept accomplished us what a moon is & how to ability there. These facts accomplish me think, “ Are we happier than our forefathers? ” in my assessment we are not as blessed as they were. Our antecedents lived a stress-free, contented & blessed activity but today these words are alone apparent in the dictionary. If we admiration to alive like our antecedents again it could alone be accessible in the Himalayas because in this apple we crave money for basal needs & aliment & to acquire that additionally we accept to assignment actual hard. Alive adamantine would beggarly assignment during the day accompanied by assignment through the night. Is this alleged actuality happy?

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