Architecture: Classical Greek vs. Medieval Gothic

Architecture: Classical Greek vs. Medieval Gothic Wendy DeLisio HUM_266 September 24, 2012 Taniya Hossain Architecture: Classical Greek vs. Medieval Gothic Looking at the architectonics of altered structures throughout the world, one may not apprehend the adorableness of the art in anniversary of them or the ethics on which they were constructed. For archetype the classical Greek era, 480 BCE – 330 BCE that captivated the ethics of order, balance, and God like perfection. This blazon of idealist architectonics is apparent in the Parthenon temple congenital in 447-432 BCE (Ancient-Greece. rg, 2012). The temple is congenital in accolade for the Goddess Athena, Goddess of war and wisdom. It is a column and axle anatomy with columns ancient in Greek Doric style. There are additionally the admirable cathedrals congenital during the Average Ages in gothic appearance that accord association acumen into the ability of that age. The architectonics of these times were heavily afflicted by adoration and Christianity and advised to drag the spirit of man against God (Apollo Group, Inc. , 2012). One archetype of this time is the architectural architectonics is the Amiens Cathedral. Originally congenital in 1152 BCE but was destroyed by fire; about-face started in 1220 CE and was completed in 1245 CE (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, 2012). In the architectonics of this basilica it is axiomatic that the artist is afflicted by the Christian religion, from the three archways apery the leash and the average entrance adorned with a bronze of Christ, it was congenital as a abode of worship. These arresting structures, anniversary a allotment of art, are both congenital with all-powerful intentions, angle in abrupt adverse to anniversary other, afflicted by the ability of the age. Although both archetypal Greek and gothic architectures are congenital to ascertain the ethics and behavior of their age and accept differences, the archetypal Greek architectonics of adjustment and antithesis has afflicted and are acclimated aural the gothic medieval constructions. There are differences amid the academic and stylistic characteristics of the archetypal Greek architectonics and the gothic rchitecture of the medieval age. Archetypal Greek architectonics is fabricated of bean comatose on bean with annihilation but burden captivation them together. This is best exemplified in Greek temples, such as the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a column and axle structure, congenital of adhesive bean and marble which were the accepted architectonics abstracts of that age (Sporre, 2010). Application these types of abstracts bound the architect’s use of space. In adjustment for the architectonics to angle after the roof annoyed abounding columns were bare to authority the roof up. These columns, accepted as Doric columns because of their style, were fabricated of marble and the burden of the bean roof comatose on them captivated them together. The Parthenon was with abounding admirable states, from the metopes that are a alternation of carved panels basic the Doric frieze cogent belief of the history and battles of the Gods, to the aerial bronze of the Goddess Athena for which it was built. The Parthenon and alternative Greek temples were meant to be admired from the alfresco as a centermost allotment of the city, a cairn to the Gods of that age. Gothic architecture, clashing archetypal Greek, acclimated bean masonry. By application bean masonry they were able to actualize arches and redistributed the burden of the stones enabling the structures to be congenital taller. They additionally created what is alleged a abutment and acclimated this to authority up walls and arches as reinforcement. Gothic architectonics was advised aerial and focused on the use of amplitude (Sporre, 2010). A admirable archetype of gothic architectonics was the Amiens Cathedral. Aerial into the heavens, with able arches, balanced lines, and adorned workmanship, this basilica was a appearance allotment for the burghal in which it was congenital and exuded spirituality. These cathedrals were meant to affect one to attending against the blast with acutely aerial ceilings and adorned stain bottle window placed strategically against the roof causes one to attending upward. Like archetypal Greek temple, they were adorned with admirable statues. However, the states were of the Christian Saints, and alternative religious symbolism. The Amiens Basilica was meant as abode to access and worship, as were all basilica of the medieval era. Even admitting there are differences amid these two styles of architecture, they are a attestation to change of how societies accept developed and evolved. One can see this in the similarities of these two styles. Archetypal Greek architect’s acclimated alliteration in the adjustment of the columns captivation up the roof of the Parthenon. Gothic architect’s acclimated alliteration in the conception of the arches on the bluff of the Amiens Cathedral. The gothic cathedrals are congenital with adjustment and as are the Greek temples. One can see that gothic architectonics acquired out of archetypal Greek. The best absorbing aspects of the archetypal Greek architectonics were the way the barrio were complete with marble stones and no use of adhesive or adhesive and the admirable engravings on the metopes are mesmerizing. Gothic architectonics is gorgeous. The conception of black lighting through the adjustment of decrepit bottle and the architectonics of the arches holds one captivated. Both styles of architectonics are alluring because of the busy detail and styles of architectonics that it took to actualize the admirable structures during those eras. Even admitting anniversary of these styles accept their differences, acutely the archetypal Greek influences can be apparent in the barrio of the medieval time aeon and in today’s architectural structures. References Ancient-Greece. org. (2012). The Parthenon. Retrieved from http://www. ancient-greece. org/architecture/parthenon. html Apollo Group, Inc. (2012). Medieval Gothic Cathedrals [Online Video]. Retrieved from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/UOPHX/HUM266/art_through_ages. html Sporre, D. J. (2010). Reality Through The Arts. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. (2012). Amiens Cathedral. Retrieved from http://whc. unesco. org/en/list/162

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