Architectural history

Question: What questions are brought to your apperception by these readings? Can you go one footfall added and attack to acknowledgment these questions, alike if alone hypothetically? Connect: Can you affix any account or arguments in these readings to your own bookish or life experience? Extend: Can you extend or aggrandize aloft any of the account or arguments in the readings? Maybe you accede with a assertive argument, and can accommodate some added affirmation that explains why you agree. Or maybe you disagree with a assertive argument, in which case you should explain why you disagree. Reflect: Did the account assert or claiming your own ethics and assumptions, and how so? A account acknowledgment is not a academic paper, but it should be able-bodied advised and anxiously accounting so that you are communicating your thoughts clearly. It should be accounting in complete sentences, with well-structured paragraphs. A acceptable account acknowledgment will authenticate that you accept done the account thoroughly and accept spent some time cerebration about its implications. A acceptable account acknowledgment will additionally accommodate some thought-provoking questions or talking credibility for the chic discussion. Even admitting you are not autograph a summary, you may charge to accommodate some capacity from the argument in adjustment to aback up your assertions. You are acceptable to adduce anon from the text, but do not adduce added than a few sentences in total.

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