General Certificate of Apprenticeship Advanced Subsidiary Examination June 2011 Sociology Unit 1 Wednesday 18 May 2011 For this cardboard you charge have: ? an AQA 8-page acknowledgment book. SCLY1 9. 00 am to 10. 00 am Time accustomed ? 1 hour Instructions ? Use atramentous ink or atramentous ball-point pen. ? Write the advice adapted on the advanced of your acknowledgment book. The Examining Body for this cardboard is AQA. The Cardboard Reference is SCLY1. ? This cardboard is disconnected into three sections. ? Choose one area and acknowledgment all of the questions from that section. Do not acknowledgment questions from added than one section. ? Do all asperous assignment in your acknowledgment book. Cross through any assignment you do not appetite to be marked. Advice ? The marks for questions are apparent in brackets. ? The best mark for this cardboard is 60. ? Questions accustomed 24 marks should be answered in connected prose. In these questions you will be apparent on your adeptness to: – use acceptable English – organise advice acutely – use specialist cant area appropriate. G/T64897/Jun11/SCLY1 6/6/ SCLY1 2 Choose one area and acknowledgment all of the questions from that section. Section A: Ability and Character Total for this section: 60 marks Read Items 1A and 1B beneath and acknowledgment questions Item 1A Interactionists see a person’s character as arising from interactions with alternative bodies and from how those interactions are interpreted. For example, amusing expectations about what is an adapted leisure action for an earlier actuality may admission what that actuality does in their additional time. This best of leisure action may affect how they see themselves and how others see them, both of which accord to their faculty of identity. Item 1B For Marxists, ability in association reflects ruling-class ideology. It expresses the adulterated appearance of the apple put advanced by the ascendant chic and is important in advancement the arrangement of amusing asperity that exists in backer society. Functionalist sociologists altercate that the ability of association reflects the aggregate ethics of that society. Association needs a aggregate ability to run effectively, and assorted agencies comedy their allotment in socialising associates of society. 0 0 1 2 Explain what is meant by ‘socialisation’. 5 0 1 to 0 5 that follow. (2 marks) Advance two reasons, afar from the one mentioned in Item 1A, why leisure choices may alter beyond altered age groups. (4 marks) Identify three characteristics and/or concepts associated with interactionist angle of ability and identity, afar from those mentioned in Item 1A. (6 marks) Examine sociological explanations of the agency in which ethnicity may appearance amusing identity. (24 marks) Using actual from Item 1B and elsewhere, appraise sociological explanations of the role of ability in society. (24 marks) 0 3 0 4 0 5 G/T64897/Jun11/SCLY1 3 Area B: Families and Households Total for this section: 60 marks Read Items 2A and 2B beneath and acknowledgment questions Item 2A Many bodies see adolescence as a accustomed date of activity that is bent by biology. What is accepted of accouchement is shaped by their age. However, sociologists advance that adolescence is a amusing construction. For example, changes in the laws apropos compulsatory apprenticeship and admission to the labour bazaar accept shaped the adventures of accouchement today. Item 2B Feminists booty a analytical appearance of the family. They altercate that ancestors activity maintains and promotes gender inequality. For example, this is reflected in the calm analysis of labour. Housework and childcare in the family, which are agitated out mainly by women, are contributed and hardly recognised as assignment at all. However, some sociologists advance that feminist theories avoid the admeasurement of ancestors diversity. In fact, ancestors roles and relationships are assorted and accordingly women’s adventures of ancestors activity are added assorted than some feminists suggest. 0 0 6 7 Explain what is meant by the ‘social construction’ of adolescence (Item 2A). 0 6 to 1 0 that follow. 5 (2 marks) Advance two ways, afar from those mentioned in Item 2A, in which government behavior and/or laws may appearance the adventures of accouchement today. (4 marks) Identify three affidavit why the bearing amount has collapsed back 1900. Examine the affidavit for changes in the annulment amount back 1969. (6 marks) (24 marks) 0 0 1 8 9 0 Using actual from Item 2B and elsewhere, appraise the addition of feminist sociologists to an compassionate of ancestors roles and relationships. (24 marks) Turn over for Area C Turn over ? G/T64897/Jun11/SCLY1 4 Area C: Wealth, Abjection and Abundance Total for this section: 60 marks Read Items 3A and 3B beneath and acknowledgment questions Item 3A In the United Kingdom, there is a alloyed abridgement of abundance provision. This agency that a ambit of altered individuals and organisations provides welfare. The accompaniment allowances arrangement is allotment of this accouterment and includes some allowances that are accepted and others that are means-tested or selective. Autonomous groups additionally accommodate abundance casework alongside the accompaniment and alternative providers. Item 3B Some sociologists advance that the attitudes and behaviour of the poor themselves are a cogent agency in the actuality and assiduity of poverty. The poor accept a audible subculture that is altered from the blow of society. This subculture encourages assertive attitudes and behaviour that accumulate the poor bound in poverty. However, alternative sociologists catechism the actuality of a set of altered norms and ethics amid the poor. Instead, they advance that abjection arises from the anatomy and organisation of society. 1 1 1 2 Explain the aberration amid assets and wealth. 1 1 to 1 5 that follow. 5 (4 marks) Advance two advantages of abundance allowances actuality universal, rather than careful (Item 3A). (4 marks) Advance two advantages of abundance accouterment by autonomous groups (Item 3A). (4 marks) 1 1 3 4 Examine the affidavit for the accretion asperity of abundance in the United Kingdom back the 1970s. (24 marks) Using actual from Item 3B and elsewhere, appraise the appearance that the attitudes and the behaviour of the poor themselves are amenable for poverty. (24 marks) 1 5 END OF QUESTIONS Copyright © 2011 AQA and its licensors. All rights reserved. G/T64897/Jun11/SCLY1

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