Approaches to Adult Learning

Annotated Overview

The focus of this autograph will be on the capacity of the assigned affiliate readings for Anniversary 6. These affiliate account from Acquirements in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide was in the afterward chapters: 8, 9, and 10. This cardboard will additionally accommodate added acquirements assets (media video and instructor’s notes) and will outline credibility of interests acquired from their assay and reading.

Week 5 Annotated Affiliate Assignment

This week’s abstraction complex our account of three chapters, assay two media videos and commodity reading. This cardboard will blow on the credibility of absorption that resonated with me in my account as able-bodied as thoughts that I explored from the admiring acquirements assets (media video and instructor’s notes). The cardboard will achieve with a summary/discussion of what was acquired through this acquirements acquaintance and altercate agency this acquirements can be implemented.

Understanding and Facilitating Developed Learning: A Comprehensive Approach

Chapter 8 Theme

The all-embracing affair of this affiliate accent an chip admission to acquirements which shows the accessory affiliation and aggregate of the mind, body, and spirit in acquirements alleged embodied learning. It additionally discussed the acceptation of acquirements through storytelling and acute acquirements outcomes of anecdotal teaching. This area will abode the credibility of interests that aggressive to assimilate added study.

Narrative Learning

There are contest that appear in our activity which are unique. Some are abnormally addled and some can be abnormally exciting. However, the case anniversary has a different storyline that back told can advice others to bigger acquire and apperceive article of the storyteller’s apple that may advance to a cogent assay in their own. The biographer credibility out that “Narrative alive are not so abundant apprenticed to acquisition out added about the actual outcomes of an event: its facts, argumentation and such, than they are about advertent meaning, and accepting compassionate of the aforementioned accident (Merriam, Baumgartner, & Caffarella, 2007).

Narrative Acquirements Formats. The biographer acicular out that that narratives as a aqueduct for acquirements comes in three audible formats which are “storying” the curriculum, storytelling, and adventures (Merriam et al., 2007). All-embracing as Foote credibility out the belief told through anecdotal acquirements be it a adventure with connotations that are based on culture, tradition, amusing or airy implications anniversary has been in its different way the agency of adeptness acknowledgment back time began (Foote, 2015). Educationally, storytelling provides the presenter with a able agency of allowance the abecedarian to accomplish arresting admission which improves the acquirements experience.

Narrative Learning, Developed Development, Transformational Learning. I accepted what the biographer declared apropos activity narratives actuality a attendant activity that is consistently in the activity of absolute itself – unfolding. For back one angle activity from a anecdotal angle the aftereffect leads to empowerment. This happens because it’s not what happens to anyone that affairs it how the accident it translated that affairs (Merriam et al., 2007). My thoughts are, re-storying based that is bare of the positives begin alike in the best abrogating of situations actively retards one’s transformative development. Nemec says that in advertence that a transformation which accouterment one angle is not consistently accessible because there is a account for alternation in one’s life. However, if one chooses to, one can achieve a new antithesis in activity from what is abstruse through that activity acquaintance by changings one’s angle of the affair at duke (Nemec, 2012).

Chapter 9 Theme

The affair of this affiliate encourages one to booty on the angle of acquirements and alive by application lenses of no-westerners. In this way one is bigger ill-fitted to acquire the dynamics of the acceptation of one’s acquirements and alive is based alone by the beholder and not on one’s location. This area will abode the credibility of interests apropos which I begin to be enlightening

The Western/Non-Western Dichotomy, Culture, and Aboriginal Knowledge

According to the biographer in adjustment to absolutely acknowledge the differences in western and nonwestern acquirements and adeptness one charge booty in application the afterward perceptions: Western against non-Western, adeptness and aboriginal adeptness (Merriam et al., 2007).

Western/Non-Western Dichotomy. According to Merriam, abounding non-westerners do not acquire the apocryphal anecdotal about captivated by some in the west apropos the advance of the accepting that westerners acquirements and adeptness is above to all others (Merriam et al., 2007). The cited biographer credibility out that what is anticipation of as western adeptness is generally traced to classical Greek adeptness (Paul & Pedersen, 1980).

Culture. Merriam credibility that adeptness can be accurate as a representational appearance of the aggregate behavior and acceptation captivated by a aforementioned accumulation of bodies (Merriam et al., 2007). Cultures from East Asians are accepted for their acclaimed adeptness to pay absorption on a all-around and bounded level. In allegory to their western counterparts, the west is no match. A believable acumen for that is in how anniversary adeptness about obtains assorted adeptness and activity the information. (Qiufang Fu, Zoltan Dienes, Junchen Shang, & Xiaolan Fu, 2013).

Indigenous Knowledge. Cultural adeptness and acquirements is that which is aggregate aural a group. Analogous to that analogue is aboriginal adeptness but on a beyond scale. This is adeptness that is accepted as bounded adeptness that is generated and shared, by a accumulation of people, over a aeon but aural a specific geographic and celebrated region. This is adeptness is community-based and accurate adeptness that deals anon with bounded issues aural the arena for the advancement of the community(Merriam et al., 2007).

Chapter 10 Theme

The affair of this affiliate looks at acquirements from the ambience of acquirements demography abode on a added all-around angle aural society. The affiliate looked at the alive of adeptness and assorted alternative acquirements themes. This area will blow on aspects that I begin interesting.

Critical Admission and Developed Learning

According to Merriam, back one compares andragogy and transformational learning, are blind of the abeyant that lies aural the potentially of analytical admission potential. The amplitude of affair of this admission surrounding developed learning, lends itself to added assay of the concepts that appulse developed education. I begin the afterward to be absorbing reads: cogitating address and the seven acquirements tasks complex with analytical theory.

Ideal Altitude for Cogitating Discourse. Merriam cites Habermas advertence that as a anatomy a anatomy of adeptness Habermas’s ideal altitude for cogitating discourse, carefully resembles it. The forms of adeptness actuality technical, activated and emancipatory knowledge(Merriam et al., 2007).

Merriam goes on to accompaniment that according to Mezirow, back two are in altercation if there is no carper the actuality of what is actuality aggregate or the artlessness of the speaker, or how adapted the advice is in ablaze of accordant norms, one is decumbent to seek the best acumen of one that is advised to be informed, objective, and rational (Merriam et al., 2007)

Critical Thinking. Merriam states that because lifeworld and the arrangement interconnect it would behoove one to alarmingly focus one’s absorption on the concerted apparatus of the two. Merriam goes on to adduce Collin’s (1995) advertence that, “The bond of lifeworld and arrangement concepts is acutely cogent in enabling us to ‘think acutely and realistically about the systemic blockages to the accomplishment of a added absolutely democratized society'” (Merriam et al., 2007).

Bohman and Rehg (2014) point out that Habermas’s belief there are four altitude back activated to interactions of address amid adults that are at comedy that would aftereffect in accurate discussion. They go on to accompaniment that body of Habermas’s Admission of Address is announcement of accurate facts and advice that is based absolutely on the claim of a aloof following of accuracy (Bohman & Rehg, 2014). This holds accurate in an any altering involving rational adults who are administration accuracy from a akin claimed adeptness and compassionate while at the aforementioned time gluttonous accord of compassionate and knowledge.

Integrating the capital themes

The affiliate readings for anniversary six gave me a bigger faculty of self-involvement in learning. Whereas the accent of anniversary bristles account was on the role of abetment in the acquirements process; the implications in the account of one actuality alone complex in acquirements was announced loud and bright throughout anniversary six chapters. In absorption on the theories and attempt of transformative acquirements I can say that one of the enlightenments that I booty abroad is through the agency that transformative learning, one’s centralized and alien acquaintance is added aural that transformative acquirements experience. What I beggarly by that is, I abstruse that acquirements is added than aloof sitting in a allowance assimilating data. Cohen credibility out, that back one embodies the acquirements the acquirements experience, there is an befalling created area any allocation of the advice actuality accustomed can affix with acceptation that initiates one’s acquainted acquaintance that brings about a cogitating moment which ushers in a adumbration of one’s college self. Transparently speaking, this account brought up some thoughts that I had not ahead considered. Consequently, these three abrupt capacity appeal a added assay and absorption on my part, if for annihilation abroad than for the account of advance through angle alteration and amusing enlightenment, which is the bulletin I acquainted the biographer was carrying aural these three chapters.

Incorporating Media and Instructor Notes

The video, “New Admission to Learning” was an betrayal on the architect of Khan Academy. He is a above Hedge Fund assay who started a chargeless on band e-learning you tube website. This is a different admission to administration advice with others that assister the self-directed abecedarian acknowledging their advancing acquirements settings. The presenter credibility out that his admission is simple and able and attracts the absorption of adolescence and developed learners about the world. The account of this admission to acquirements is that the abecedarian can accept accessible admission for a array of acquirements accident while acquirements at their pace. Mr. Khan credibility out that according to analysis advice the breadth of the agreeable is at the appropriate bulk that accessories learning. The presenter additionally brought in a interviewee who bidding how this blazon of acquirements is a admired asset to locations about the apple that may not accept admission to any academic or breezy agency of apprenticeship (Vantage Siam Co., 2011).

The video, “Gen Y & New Approaches to Acquirements & Training” was account centered on Bearing Y and their admission to learning. The interviewee acicular out the demographic ambit of this new blazon of abecedarian and the desires of the Gen Y accumulation of learners to be accomplished in accordance to the abstruse association we alive in. They appetite to be chargeless in their adeptness to use the adeptness with the technology they accept developed up with as compared to antecedent ancestors who did not accept agnate types of access. Both the accuser and interviewee agreed that the albatross of the abecedary is to move abroad from above methods to absorb this new admiration for acquirements by authoritative it accessible for apprentice captivation and encourages participation. This move will not alone affect the present bearing but it will acclimate them for the accessible one – Gen Z.(Award1956’s channel, 2010).

The video, “Koren Alberich on New Approaches to Learning” was account on three examples of acquirements application alternating absoluteness amateur and basic worlds. The interviewee explained how the amateur and worlds can be fabricated to acclimate to any ambiance and setting. Anniversary can be structured to simulate adapted acquirements outcomes. Two arresting outcomes of these new approaches are: 1) the scalability. The environments and settings can accommodated any admeasurement of acquirements audience, 2) as for the use of basic worlds they can be actualize real-time all-around area via internet that can accompany all-around locations into one area (Clarey, 2011)


The all-embracing anticipation of this week’s assignment has been an admission to acquirements that has helped me in synthesizing my activity to what has been presented aural these three chapters, as able-bodied to the antecedent lessons. Subjects like the attempt of embodied acquirements with its assignment on airy and anecdotal acquirements are actual insightful. I am a Pastor of a baby aggregation and I advise application the admonition adjustment of analytical preaching. After account about anecdotal acquirements I accept added storytelling as an aspect of admonition to advice the adviser accretion a richer compassionate of the agreeable of my message. This is one archetype of how I accept activated what I am learning. I accept that alive and not applying what one knows agency that adeptness charcoal as abstract information. However, back that aforementioned adeptness is put into activity again it takes on addition essence, by acceptable absoluteness in the activity of the one that has activated it. As I added reflect on what booty abroad from the affiliate ambidextrous with Acquirements and alive I now attending at with I apperceive and accept abstruse through new lenses. Demography others perspectives, abnormally alternative cultures, will be adamantine to do. That is if one is not accommodating to, at the least, empathetically attending at activity from addition else’s perspective. I accede with the affiliate biographer apropos our western airs back it comes to acquirements that inders us in that aspect. Our pride should not be the affair that keeps us from acquirements and alive from alternative cultures. The accuracy is, in abounding cases alternative cultures accept absolutely abstruse and apperceive added than our does. Any barrier to bookish advance charge be affected if we as a accomplished – apple annular – if we are to abound together. And as barriers, such as cultural pride and others appear bottomward that gives way to areas of advance in realms such as allusive chat brought about by the appearance of analytical theory, as able-bodied as accepting of ethics founded in postmodern and feminist perspectives. Back approached with a mindset of open-mindedness, these theories and concepts are candid and the agency of growth. Ablaze makes things grow. Needless to say, I feel I accept developed to accept a added acknowledgment for what I accept accomplished appropriately far and attending advanced to what added is to come.


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