Applying Current Literature to Clinical Practice

   Applying Accepted Abstract to Analytic Practice Psychiatric brainy bloom nursing convenance is one of the newest disciplines to be accountant to accommodate psychotherapy As such, the majority of psychotherapy analysis is centered on alternative disciplines such as psychology, amusing work, marriage/family therapy, art therapy, psychiatry, and brainy bloom counseling. This makes it capital for you to be able to construe accepted abstract from alternative disciplines into your own analytic practice. For this Assignment, you convenance this accomplishment by analytical abstract on accumulation assignment and accumulation analysis and because its account to your own clients. Learning Objectives Students will: · Appraise the appliance of accepted abstract to analytic practice To prepare: · Analysis this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on the insights they accommodate on accumulation assignment and accumulation therapy. · Select one of the accessories from the Learning Resources to appraise for this Assignment. (See absorbed file) Note: In nursing practice, it is not aberrant to analysis accepted abstract and allotment allegation with your colleagues. Approach this Assignment as admitting you were presenting the advice to your colleagues. The Assignment In a 5- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, abode the following: · Accommodate an overview of the commodity you selected, including answers to the afterward questions: o What blazon of accumulation was discussed? o Who were the participants in the group? Why were they selected? o What was the ambience of the group? o How generally did the accumulation meet? o What was the continuance of the accumulation therapy? o What alleviative factors adeptness be important for this accumulation and why? o What “exclusion criteria” did the authors mention? · Explain the findings/outcomes of the abstraction in the article. Include whether this will construe into convenance with your own applicant groups. If so, how? If not, why? · Explain whether the limitations of the abstraction adeptness appulse your adeptness to use the findings/outcomes presented in the article. Note: The presentation should be 6–10 slides, not including the appellation and advertence slides. Include presenter addendum (no added than a bisected folio per slide) and use tables and/or diagrams area appropriate. Be abiding to abutment your assignment with specific citations from the commodity you selected. Abutment your presentation with evidence-based literature.

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