Applying Bowenian and Structural Theories

Theory-based analysis planning, the blazon you will use throughout this course, is abreast and guided by your abstract orientation. Incorporating your abstract acclimatization into analysis planning will advice you set goals and accept analysis techniques and interventions adapted for the client(s) you serve (Gehart & Tuttle, 2003). This week, you administer two counseling theories, Bowenian and structural, to codify your analysis planning and administer adapted interventions. In this Assignment, you watch videos of attorneys demonstrating the use of Bowenian and structural theories in ancestors counseling. You again codify analysis affairs for the couples and/or families in the videos, applying the theories in catechism and answer the use of adapted interventions. The Assignment (2–3 pages)+treatment plan Based on the approach approved in both videos: Define the botheration in anniversary video. Create a theory-based analysis plan, including short- and abiding goals for the couples and/or families. Explain two theory-based interventions you would use and absolve your selection. Explain one advancing aftereffect of anniversary theory-based intervention. Support your Assignment with specific references to all assets acclimated in its preparation. You are asked to accommodate a advertence account for all resources, including those in the assets for this course.

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