Apply: Sales Analysis

Purpose of AssignmentIn this assignment, you administer Microsoft® Excel® formatting to a business example. You will use this accomplishment to access and assay abstracts application charts.Assignment StepsResources: Microsoft® Office Help and TrainingOther tutorials accessible onlineWeek 3 video: "Excel 2016 Essential Training"Read the afterward business scenario:Your aggregation has asked you to actualize a spreadsheet to assay the afterward data. The abstracts will be advised for top salespeople bonuses and commissions payments based on alone sales. Averages will be acclimated to assay month-over-month sales throughout the years.Use the Sales Analysis Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet and administer formatting to achieve the following:Calculate absolute sales application the SUM function.Calculate absolute sales for anniversary quarter. (March, June, and September anniversary represent a quarter.). A division is three months.Calculate boilerplate sales for anniversary division to advice actuate 4th-quarter abeyant sales. Highlight the top agent in anniversary quarter. Generate a Microsoft® Excel® blueprint or blueprint that displays the absolute sales by arena to analyze the accomplished and everyman affairs regions.Insert a hyperlink to the company's web page. (You can use any business web folio for this example.)Change your spreadsheet to a folio or book blueprint appearance to be abiding it fits able-bodied on a printed 8.5" x 11" area of paper.

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