Apply: Duties of Corporate Directors and Officers

  Assignment Content The purpose of this appointment is to explain the acknowledged duties imposed on accumulated admiral and officers, to actuate whether a administrator or administrator has abandoned his or her acknowledged duties to the corporation, and to appraise how a abuse of such duties may abnormally affect the association and its shareholders. Read the afterward scenario. Fitzgerald Foods is a aliment processing corporation. In the accomplished year, three admiral were affected to leave Fitzgerald Foods afterwards it was apparent the admiral breached their acknowledged duties to the corporation. Two of the admiral were additionally admiral of the corporation. The administrator of the lath at Fitzgerald Foods is anxious that the actual admiral don't accept their acknowledged duties to the association and that new admiral won't accept their duties either.  You are the arch controlling administrator (CEO) of the corporation. The administrator of the lath asked you to assignment with the corporation's acknowledged admonition to actualize a aggregation action certificate for admiral and admiral about their acknowledged duties to the corporation. Develop a 700- to 1,050-word aggregation action (template provided) for Fitzgerald Foods' admiral and admiral commutual the following: Legal Duties of Admiral and Admiral (a branch from action document) Explain the acknowledged duties of admiral and admiral to the corporation, including the "business acumen rule." Benefits of Acquiescence (a branch from action document) Discuss the allowances of acquiescence for Fitzgerald Foods. Consequences of Noncompliance (a branch from action document) Analyze how bent action by a administrator or administrator can advance to a abuse of a acknowledged assignment owed to the corporation. Provide a abrupt archetype from a account commodity or cloister case aural the aftermost three years that demonstrates accumulated administrator or administrator accountability in the United States. Recommend alone (not a branch on the action document) to the administrator of the lath in 45 to 90 words at atomic two business accident administration procedures that Fitzgerald Foods can accept in the approaching to abstain violations of acknowledged duties by its admiral and officers. Use the Fitzgerald Foods Aggregation Policy template as a adviser for your action document.  Search the internet for examples of completed action abstracts application the afterward chase parameters: action certificate example, action certificate template, action certificate format, action certificate sample, or any aberration you choose. An archetype may abetment you to complete your action document.  Cite a minimum of two references according to APA guidelines.  

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