Week 3 Appointment # 1 - (4 points) Develop a Memo addressed to the Supervising Manager (your faculty) with attention to the predisposing factors affecting the HC casework commitment bearings at that time. This acquiescence does not crave the citations or references. The ambition is to authenticate your analytical cerebration (analysis and appliance of the accepted concepts) in the appraisal of an HC area account delivery. Read added about Memo anatomy at Use Microsoft chat templates. Read about Analytical cerebration in your advance Syllabus. Read about accommodation authoritative at Post the Memo in the Accumulation appointment and abide it to the adapted dropbox for grading.   *List minimum 2 issues that contributed to the bearings from the angle of your job role. For example, if your role is the accumulation alternation administration one of the issues ability be the absence of the aciculate auctioning containers due to flood in the barn area they are stored off-site. *Recommend a astute band-aid to anniversary of the listed issues. For example, acclaim application blubbery artificial baptize containers labeled with abiding markers as a acting solution.  (Do not use the provided archetype in your submissions). *List the workforce and stakeholders all-important to accomplish the proposed solutions. For example, the aliment supplier/manager needs to be contacted about the abandoned baptize containers. The careful arch needs to be contacted about the accumulator locations and restrictions enforcement. Week 3 Appointment #2 -4 points Develop a Memo directed to the Supervising Manager (your faculty) allegorical about the citizenry cachet appraisal at the time and the identifiers of the needs. Accommodate the sources this advice was pulled. This is not your job role accompanying assignment, but rather a accepted affair important for all the managers to understand. Make abiding to chose accurately articular accident citizenry and adapted identifiers.   *List basic statistics of the complex citizenry (read about the basic statistics at ). Chose minimum 2 basic statistics markers and explain their acceptation in this situation. Make abiding to accommodate the calculations and absolution for the brand choice.  *Chose 2 specific groups and account minimum 1 charge per accumulation to abode based on your citizenry cachet assessment. (read about the altruistic charge appraisal at  (5.41 MB)

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