Applied Ethics

Point Values: 

Final Paper: 200 points 


This is an activated belief course. As such, there is a beforehand activity that requires you  to administer what you accept abstruse about belief to real-world situations. You will need  to anxiously plan your agenda in adjustment to accomplish the requirements included in this  assignment. You should activate affairs for this activity able-bodied in beforehand of the  final assemblage in adjustment to do well, finer no after than Assemblage 3 of the class.  

Course Project:  

Step one: 

Select an Belief affair from below. You will charge to assay the affair and analyze bookish sources to abutment your position on the topic  

Possible Debate topics

∙ Walmart is acceptable for America: (Pro) (Con).  

∙ Businesses of any admeasurement accept an obligation to accommodate all workers high-quality healthcare: (Pro) (Con) 

∙ The United States should accept chargeless healthcare for all citizens: (Pro) (Con) ∙ Cardboard v. Plastic: (Paper is better) (Plastic is better) for the environment.  ∙ Minimum allowance should be added and anchored to a amount aloof aloft the  abjection band for a ancestors of 3. 

∙ The United States should do abroad with the Electoral College: (Yes) (No) ∙ we should accept a collapsed assets tax of 10%: (Pro – Do abroad with assets tax  and accept a collapsed tax) (Con – Keep a tiered tax structure) 

∙ Executive pay is too high: (Pro – Executives acquire their pay) (Con – Executives  accomplish far added than they should) 

∙ Companies that outsource appointment to under-developed countries are unethical  (Pro – companies are bent back they outsource and booty advantage of  bargain adopted labor) (Con – companies are ethical back outsourcing because  they advice the bounded abridgement and the people).

∙ The internet should be adapted (Pro – There should be some blank on  internet use) (Con – The internet should be a absolutely able abode for  communication, commerce, etc.) 

Step 2:  

Develop a cardboard as you accept been accomplishing in the chic with the APA elements and  architecture specified. The cardboard charge additionally accommodated the explanation requirements. (See Unit  1) Accommodate your assay and recommendations for resolution of the case applying  “pro or con” arguments to the case in your paper. The final cardboard should accept no  beneath than four (4) bookish references, and a cardinal of non-scholarly references.  The cardboard charge be amid 1200 and 2000 words. 1200 words almost to a “C  “letter brand with all alternative elements present.  

Step 3:  

Once you accept completed your paper, upload this to the appointment breadth of the  class. Next, you are to actualize a video presentation, or a Powerpoint with account to  the class, as if you were in classroom presenting on the capacity of your paper. Do not  apprehend your paper. The presentation should be 3-5 account in length. You charge use one  of the technologies below. Post alone the link, not the video book for your video, to the  

Student Lounge” area of our Discussion forum. An advantage to application video is to use  PowerPoint with narration. If you chose this option, amuse column your PPT book to the  General Question breadth of our Discussion forum.  

Step 4: 

If you use a video, you are to post the articulation only, not the video book for your video, to the  “Student Lounge” area of our Discussion forum.. This will save on accepting to upload a  ample file. You may additionally column an IMOVIE to the CLOUD or YouTube if this is easier, and  again column the URL to the “Student Lounge” area of our Discussion forum. 


Note – this appointment requires you to actualize an alone video. Sources for free  video authoritative and hosting software are: 



You can additionally artlessly use your own video camera, phone, etc., to accomplish your video. It  does not accept to be fancy. You can column it on YouTube or any alternative athenaeum if that  advantage is added desirable. Again, the video book charge be hosted on an internet site,  with the articulation to your video acquaint anon into the “Student Lounge” area of our  Discussion forum. Do not column the video book itself in the chic aperture or the  discussion, you charge column the articulation to your video. For example, if you use I 

Cloud or Youtube you will be accustomed a URL link, and it is the articulation that you will  post in the Student Lounge” area of our Discussion forum. 

Again, If you are clumsy to actualize a video, you may use a anecdotal PowerPoint (or similar) presentation. A Powerpoint book can be acquaint to the Student Lounge” area of our Discussion forum.

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