Application: Patient-Centered Technologies

Although  health affliction professionals comedy a cogent role in bloom outcomes,  the circadian administration of a patient’s bloom is additionally a claimed  responsibility. Physicians and nurses can accommodate diagnoses,  interventions, treatments, and prescriptions, but they will alone accept an  impact if patients chase through with their bloom affliction provider’s  recommendations.  

The  advent of assorted health-related technologies is accouterment  unprecedented opportunities to abetment patients in advancement ascendancy of  their health.  Accede for a moment bloom and fettle adaptable apps,  talking bolus bottles, and acute apartments. New patient-centered  technologies are actuality developed every day!

For  this Assignment, you will baddest a health-related adaptable app, claimed  health record, acute technology, or an alternate amusing media armpit  that is allowance patients to bigger administer their health.

Note: For  the purposes of this assignment, a “mobile app” is authentic as a  technology appliance that can be viewed, played, and stored on  smartphone accessories and tablets.

To prepare:

  • Review Chapter 35, “Consumer/Patient Engagement and eHealth Resources”, in the advance text, Essentials of Nursing Informatics, and accede how abstruse innovations are transforming the means patients’ admission health-related information.
  • Reflect  on the assorted patient-centered technologies that you or others may  use, as able-bodied as those accepting absorption in the media. 
  • Conduct analysis on patient-centered technologies that abetment users in managing their own health.
  • Select  one technology class such as apps, claimed bloom records, acute  technologies, or alternate amusing media sites to added explore.  Examine the ambit of a specific patient-centered technology aural  this category. How does this technology put patients in ascendancy of their  health?

To complete:

Submit a  1-page cardboard that addresses the following:

  • Identify  the patient-centered technology that you selected, as able-bodied as the  population of patients for whom this technology is designed.
  • Describe  how this technology is tailored against accommodating use. Specifically,  explain how the features, functions, and architecture can advice patients administer  their own health.
  • Explain the risks and allowances this technology ability accompany to users.
  • Predict  the appulse this technology ability accept on accommodating bloom outcomes. Be  sure to abutment your assignment with specific citations from the Learning  Resources and any added sources. 

Note: If  you accept to baddest an alternate amusing media site, text- or  article-based websites such as WebMD or may not be selected.  For the purposes of this course, alternate amusing media is authentic as a  digital technology that allows users to manipulate, collaborate with,  and/or appoint with alternative users. Ensure that if you accept an alternate  social media site, it adheres to this rule.

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