Apple Inc. and Mary Kay Cosmetics

P29 Q1 1. The business approach for Mary Kay cosmetics is alleged a absolute affairs channel. The aggregation user a sales force of over 1000000 Absolute Beauty Consultants about the world. These consultants are not advisers of Mary Kay Corporation; they buy cosmetics from the aggregation at a broad amount and advertise to end-users at a retail price. They advance claimed relationships with their end-user consumers and bear artefact to them afterwards it is ordered; it is a high-service purchasing accord from the consumer’s point of view. Consultants appropriately act as both distributors and retailers. a. To what admeasurement does an Absolute Beauty Consultant participate in the eight accepted business flows? b. How ability these flows be shifted, either amid the associates now in the approach or to altered agencies or institutions not anon included? What do you anticipate would be the implications of such shifts? (think about how cosmetics are awash through administration food or through angishore chains, for example. ) c. Aural anniversary of these administration systems, specify the consumer’s role from a flow-absorption perspective. Contrast this with the consumer’s role back affairs cosmetics from a administration abundance or a angishore chain. P64 Q1,2,3 2. For anniversary of the three scenarios below, assort the appeal for bulk-breaking spatial convenience, waiting/ commitment time, and assortment/ array as high, medium, or low. In anniversary case, explain your answers. a. A woman in an emerging-market country of Southeast Asia wishes to buy some cosmetics for herself. She has never done so afore and is not absolutely abiding of the occasions on which she will abrasion the cosmetics. She does not alive abreast a big city. She is too poor to own a car but has a bit of added money for a baby luxury. b. A architect uses a accurate automated actinic in one of its all-embracing assembly processes and needs to buy added of the chemical. The blow of the raw abstracts for its bulb operations are delivered in a just-in-time fashion. c. Afore you appointment assertive genitalia of the world, you are appropriate to get a chicken agitation vaccine. Abounding travelers let this blooper until the aftermost minute, apathy that it is appropriate (or alienated an abhorrent attempt as continued as possible). But they absolutely apprehend they charge the shot, and they do not appetite to accept to abolish their cruise at the aftermost minute because they did not get it. They generally acquisition themselves authoritative a continued cruise to a reginal medical centermost because trhey did not plan ahead. 3. For the three scenarios in Question 1, call a business approach that would accommodated the ambition end-user’s demands for account outputs. 4. Call three altered affairs situations with which you are accustomed and the SODs of the buyers in anniversary one. Do you anticipate the SODs actuality supplied are abutting to those actuality demanded? Why or why not? P. 103 Q4 5. Explain how the arcade characteristics for the afterward customer and automated appurtenances affect the channels for them: CONSUMER GOODS INDUSTRIAL GOODS Bread Laser printer toner cartridges Breakfast atom Uranium for nuclear ability plants Women’s hosiery Cement Refrigerators Medical machinery(e. g. , ultrasound machines) P. 150 Q5 6. Apple, as a computer company, has struggles over the years with the array problem. Company-owned Apple food offered alone Apple computers. Although administration admired accepting ascendancy of the assortment, barter capital side-by-side comparisons with another brands, eventually active Apple to abutting abounding of its own stores. Apple additionally has had adversity influencing how absolute computer outlets banal and affectation its products. Apple is now application the success of its music downloading systems (iPod and variations) to compose beyond assortments-and is reopening company-owned stores. Is this a acceptable idea? What, if anything, would you acclaim to Apple as an another action to advance its products’ advantage and sales? P192(4) 7. A architect is in the addiction of alms advanced acquittal agreement to distributors: They can pay anytime aural 45days of cancellation of the merchandise. The architect currently has a bandage band of acclaim to awning accounts receivable and pays an absorption amount (prime+1%) on the antithesis on accommodation from the bank. One of the manufacturer’s key distributors offers to pay for shipments by actual coffer funds alteration aloft cancellation of commodity if the architect will abate the amount by 1%. Does this action abutting a gap? If so, what array (demand side, accumulation side, what flow)? P238 Q6 8. You are the owner/manager of an auto dealership in Germany affairs the Audi line. Your dealership is absolute to Audi; you accept invested heavily to body the dealership; and your arrangement is such that, if you adjudge to advertise your dealership, Audi has the appropriate to accept or blame any client you ability find. What is the antithesis of ability in your relationship? What array of alive accord are you acceptable to accept with your supplier? What could your supplier do to ensure you do not become alienated?

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