Five-Step Cardinal Management Plan/Analysis This certificate outlines the five-stage plan about which this advance is designed, and which will be acclimated as a accepted arrangement for your cardinal assay for your final project.  You are encouraged to assay this certificate in anniversary bore to reflect on how that module’s actual will administer to your paper, and achieve this a work-in-progress.   The addendum in anniversary area should serve as a adviser to you as you administer the concepts abstruse to your paper. Step I. Corporate Mission and Goals Introduction – Give a abrupt history of the accomplishments and change of the alignment and accommodate its mission, eyes etc.  Include a altercation of the accepted structure, administration style, culture, hierarchy, etc. (~2 pgs.) Statement of Issues – If there are any cardinal challenges the alignment faced recently, is adverse now, or ability face in the actual abreast approaching analyze them here.  Also accede whether or not it has it accomplished any cogent milestones.  If there is a specific “problem (or opportunity) statement” that can be stated, do it in this section. You can again blanket the cardboard up by acclamation how you feel the botheration (or opportunity) should be addressed in your recommendation(s) to achieve the paper.  (1-2 pgs.) Step II. External Assay  (total 2-3 pages) Consider factors such as: What is the aggressive anatomy of the industry? What is the animosity like? What is the industry like at this time? Is this a all-around industry, and if so, are we a all-around competitor? Two “tools” will be activated to achieve this: the SWOTanalysis and the Porter 5-Force models. The Porter 5-Force Model consists of: 1. Potential Competitors2. Animosity Amongst Competitors3. Bargaining Power of Buyers4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers5. Threat of Acting Products Remember that the stronger any force is, the added difficult it is to accession prices and access profits. Step III. Internal Assay (total ~2-3 pgs) Consider factors such as: What are the organization’s resources? What are the amount competencies? Are they allowance the alignment achieve a aggressive advantage? Again we will advance two “tools” for this analysis: the SWOT assay and accede the 4-building blocks of aggressive advantage to achieve this. The four architecture blocks of aggressive advantage abide of: • Efficiency• Quality• Innovation• Customer responsiveness Step IV. Strategy Formulation (four cardinal decisions)  (total 3-4 pgs) How can the alignment body on its strengths to booty advantage of its opportunities? How can it abate threats by aspersing its weaknesses? There should be 4 apparatus to this section: A. Functional strategy—How does the authoritative behavior, anatomy and ability comedy a role in the success (or abridgement of success) of the organization?  How acceptable is the synergy amid the “functional” operations (e.g., manufacturing, marketing, operations, R & D, HR, etc B. Business-level strategy—What is the organization’s aggressive “theme”?   Cost Differentiation Niche (focus) C. Corporate strategy—How has the alignment survived (assuming its been about awhile!) and what needs to be done to abide and abide abiding or ability its advance affairs continued term?  Consider factors such as: Vertical Integration Backward Forward Diversification Alliances Acquisitions D. All-around strategy—Is the alignment allotment of a all-around industry and if so is it a all-around “player”?   Consider whether or not the alignment has pursued: Exporting Outsourcing Licensing Alliances Joint Ventures ​Etc…. Step V. Strategy Implementation In a accurate cardinal plan managers would, at this point, be challenged to achieve decisions pertaining to architecture (or rebuilding) and alignment (or restructuring) the alignment and authoritative abiding it is advancing amount competencies in adjustment to aerate its affairs of afterwards (basically this agency demography the “decisions” fabricated in Step IV and active them) allocation and deployment of resources.  Decisions charge be fabricated apropos affiliation and ascendancy systems, etc.   While we will blow on these concepts in Modules VI and VII for the purpose of your cardboard (since you are tasked with a cardinal assay format) we will acting a Advocacy for Step V, as categorical below: Recommendation(s)  (total ~1 page) Based on what you accept abstruse and activated this to the assay of your organization, what do you feel the alignment does able-bodied and what needs improvement?  Do its goals assume realistic?  Does the alignment charge to change (structure, leadership, ascendancy functions, product(s) etc)? This is a adventitious for you to get “personal” based on your compassionate of the alignment and by utilizing the concepts abstruse in the course.

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