Aphra Behn Oroonoko – paper

  The cardboard should be based on account the book -    Aphra Behn, Oroonoko (Norton) ISBN: 978-0393970142 Paper #1 Assignment Instructions The cardboard charge be at atomic three abounding pages long, 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins about the page. Points will be deducted from affidavit that are beneath three abounding pages long. Do not accomplish a awning sheet. Use MLA architecture for quotations. If you use accessory sources to advice you with any affair they charge be from bookish sites or books (for example, Wikipedia is not a bookish website). You charge adduce your sources correctly. Remember, if you did not appear up with an abstraction yourself it needs to be cited, alike if you rephrased the abstraction in your own words. You will charge to adduce the primary texts (the books we accept apprehend in class) as well. Points will be deducted for missing citations and you will potentially be committing plagiarism. The Honor Pledge should be placed afterwards the aftermost band of the argument of your article or the basal of the works cited page. The aftermost folio of your cardboard is the works cited folio (this is advised abstracted from the argument of the cardboard but should still accommodate a folio number). The works cited folio does not calculation appear the folio count. The purpose of your cardboard is to actuate your admirers of a position you accept taken. That position is your apriorism statement. A able apriorism account is debatable. A account of actuality is not a apriorism statement. Consider your adolescent classmates as your audience, appropriately befitting in apperception that your admirers is accustomed with the text/s beneath consideration. A arbitrary is not an essay.  Papers charge be submitted through Canvas by 3:10 p.m. on June 12th. Do not about-face in a concrete archetype of the paper. Late submissions and email submissions will not be accepted.  Choose one of the article prompts below. If your cardboard does not accord with one of the assigned capacity you will accept a 0. 1. What is the purpose of the appearance Imoinda in Oroonoko? Is her appearance a all-important allotment of the narrative? Or 2. Compare and adverse the way the British appearance and collaborate with the citizenry of Surinam with the way they appearance and collaborate with the Africans.    All primary and accessory sources charge be cited in MLA format. A primary antecedent is the capital argument or artwork that your article is analyzing. Any alfresco analysis you accommodate is advised a accessory source. Remember, if you did not appear up with an abstraction on your own again you charge to accommodate a citation. Be acute about your research. Do not use websites such as SparkNotes or Wikipedia to advice you address a paper. Failure to appropriately adduce sources is advised plagiarism.  written assignment charge accommodated MLA Guidelines as able-bodied as the HSSC Guidelines for Writing Affidavit http://www.ltu.edu/arts_sciences/humanities_ss_comm/writing_tools.asp.  

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