APA style Nursing theorethical discussion

   Due date January 15 Discuss the assorted means in which Florence Nightingale's archetypal of affliction can be activated in accepted nursing practice. Identify the best important agency of Nightingale's approach that you advance in your accepted practice.   Please accomplish abiding that your acquiescence adheres to the following: 1.Students are to address their name and the adapted altercation number/discussion appellation in the appellation bar for anniversary discussion. For archetype Altercation 1: Micheal Cabrera or Altercation 3: Sheila Smith. This is important in anecdotic that acceptance are appointment aboriginal posts as able-bodied as acknowledgment posts as required. 2.Students charge abide their discussions anon assimilate Blackboard Altercation Board. Attachments submitted as altercation lath posts will not be graded. 3. All altercation posts charge be minimum 250 words, references charge be cited in APA format, and charge accommodate minimum of 2 bookish assets appear aural the accomplished 5-7 years.  Please be abiding to adduce your reference(s) in APA format, at the end of your posting maximun affinity affected acquiesce 20% , use of turnitin APA appearance  6th edition 

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