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     Examine anniversary of those areas of the case for affirmation to use during your analysis, and accede the afterward questions for anniversary area:  Accounting – what are the economics of the alternatives? Anticipate of impacts on revenues, costs, and profitability.   Administrative Studies – accredit a anticipation to anniversary another you advance and account an accepted amount for anniversary alternative. Which another has the accomplished accepted value?   Economics – what is the accompaniment of the assorted all-around economies area you advance alternatives (or the accompaniment of the US economy)? What is the abeyant appulse of the economy(ies) on the alternatives?   Finance – What appulse will your advancement accept on the appraisal of the banal and the banking advertisement of the company? Can you account any discounted banknote flows or revenues?   Legal – what are some of the acknowledged and ecology apropos surrounding the options? Are there any authoritative issues?   Management – what is the appulse of your advancement on the anatomy and staffing of the company?   Marketing –What would be your ambition markets? Develop a basal business action for the markets.   MIS – are there any systems that your aggregation can use to advice it administer the new effort(s) and bigger integrate? As you ability your arguments, anticipate of the anatomic areas for affirmation to abutment your claims/arguments, and ask yourself the afterward questions:   –  What claims am I making? This could booty the anatomy of the axial affair of the case – anticipate about the affair or issues faced by the aggregation and whether or not they booty the anatomy of claims.   –  What affirmation do I charge to present to absolve those claims?   –  Was it able to authorize a causal link?   –  Did the affirmation presented appear from aboveboard and reliable sources?   –  Was the antecedent of the affirmation an ascendancy on the topic?   –  Was the affirmation presented acutely expressed?   –  Did they accommodate abundant affirmation to abundantly authorize causality?   –  If so, explain. If not, what affirmation needs to be presented that establishes causality?   –  Were there any basal assumptions that I missed?   –  What actuating techniques can I use to get the clairvoyant to accede with me?   –  As you address your response, focus on the tips presented beforehand on actuating autograph techniques.  

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