12 slides- including appellation and cited apa bookish advertence page Assignment: Design a PowerPoint presentation for aerial academy age-old acceptance discussing normative crumbling changes, sexuality, STDs, and prevention.   **Discuss the accustomed anatomy changes that appear through adolescence into adolescent adult- Discuss specific STDs, causes, symptoms, complications, and treatment:    **You should accommodate a accelerate or two for anniversary of the following:   Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, HIV, Syphillis, HPV **ALSO DISCUSS PREGNANCY AND PREVENTION The appointment should be submitted in PowerPoint format, with at atomic 10 agreeable slides (in accession to a appellation accelerate and advertence slide) and accommodate at atomic two bookish sources alternative than provided materials.  FOLLOW THIS OUTLINE-     Do not address a cardboard in the PPT – clean, organized and accessible to apprehend bullets/graphs/diagrams should be acclimated to get the bulletin across- NO abounding sentences or paragraphs are to be acclimated in a ability point.    Titles on anniversary accelerate are to be in all basic letters, actual advice such as argument advice and references are NEVER in all basic belletrist in a ability point.   Citations FOR NON QUOTES are on EACH accelerate acquaint in the lower appropriate bend as (author, year). If you use a QUOTE– again use the commendation aural the sentence/message and don’t balloon the author/year/ p. or para. Has to be cited – but application quotes and abounding sentences is absolutely abhorred if at all accessible for chic PPTs. Citations are to be in parentheses. I do NOT appetite you to complete “speaker notes” in your ability points!    Enticing accomplishments blush is accustomed as able-bodied as basal transitions and pictures to add to the message. Usually 3-4 pictures or diagrams are acclimated in a ability point. (You do not charge to adduce sources of pictures or cartoon in your ability point unless they are copyrighted).    Title accelerate with title, your name, the date, and academy listed   Objectives accelerate follows the appellation accelerate and tells the clairvoyant what you will cover. (Just like the anterior branch in a paper).   Every accelerate has a branch in ALL CAPITAL letters- of no added than 3-4 words- no acronyms (such as RN, MD, ICU, etc.) are acceptable in headings, all numbers and acronyms accept to be spelled out in headings or titles or as the aboriginal chat of any sentence.    No added than 7-8 bullets or credibility on a accelerate   Reference accelerate accumulation ALL references as the aftermost accelerate in APA format; bulleted or “hanging”   Be abiding that the chantry is ample abundant to apprehend or you may charge to accomplish it larger- sometimes 15-20 are acceptable for references.    There should be several pictures, graphs, or diagrams in anniversary ability point. If they are copyrighted material, they charge be cited and referenced.   NEVER use all basic belletrist in argument of slides, references, or citations in a ability point. Only all capitals are acclimated in titles of slides. 

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