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please read G.J. is a 71-year-old ample woman who presents to the Ancestors Practice Clinic for the aboriginal time accusatory of a continued history of mutual knee ache that becomes worse aback it rains and usually feels bigger aback the acclimate is balmy and dry. “My arthritis hasn’t bigger a bit this summer though,” she states. Ache in the larboard knee is greater than in the adapted knee. She has additionally suffered from low aback affliction for abounding years, but afresh it has become worse. She is accepting adversity application the stairs in her home. The accommodating had afresh visited a rheumatologist who approved a array of NSAIDs to advice her with affliction control. The medications gave her balmy abatement but additionally acquired cogent and intolerable abdomen discomfort. Her affliction was alleviated with oxycodone. However, aback she showed accretion altruism and began insisting on college doses of the medication, the physician told her that she may charge anaplasty and that he could not appoint added oxycodone for her. She is now gluttonous medical affliction at the Ancestors Practice Clinic. Her knees started to get decidedly added aching afterwards she acquired 20 pounds during the accomplished nine months. Her joints are best annealed aback she has been sitting or lying for some time and they tend to “loosen up” with activity. The accommodating has consistently been afraid about osteoporosis because several ancestors associates accept been diagnosed with the disease. However, nonclinical manifestations of osteoporosis accept developed. Case Study Questions Define osteoarthritis and explain the differences with osteoarthrosis. List and assay the accident factors that are presented on the case that accord to the analysis of osteoarthritis. Specify the capital differences amid osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, accomplish abiding to accommodate analytic manifestations, above characteristics, joints usually afflicted and analytic methods. Call the altered analysis alternatives available, including non-pharmacological and pharmacological that you accede are adapted for this accommodating and why. How would you handle the accommodating affair about osteoporosis? Call your interventions and apprenticeship you would accommodate to her apropos osteoporosis. Neurological Function: H.M is a 67-year-old female, who afresh retired from actuality a academy abecedary for the aftermost 40 years. Her bedmate died 2 years ago due to complications of a CVA. Accomplished medical history: hypertension controlled with Olmesartan 20 mg by aperture already a day. Ancestors history no contributory. Aftermost anniversary visits with PCP with accustomed results. She lives by herself but her accouchement alive abutting to her and usually appointment her two or three times a week. Her babe alpha acquainted that her mother is accepting problems absorption aback talking to her, she is not befitting things at home as she acclimated to, generally is repeating and allurement the aforementioned catechism several times and bygone she has issues canonizing her way aback home from the grocery store. Case Study Questions Name the best accepted risks factors for Alzheimer’s disease Name and call the similarities and the differences amid Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular Dementia, Dementia with Lewy bodies, Frontotemporal dementia. Define and call absolute and absolute memory. Call the analysis belief developed for the Alzheimer’s ache by the National Institute of Aging and the Alzheimer’s Association What would be the best ameliorative access on C.J. Instruction: complete both case studies. Your antecedent column should be at atomic 500 words anniversary case, formatted and cited in accepted APA appearance with abutment from at atomic 2 bookish sources from year 2017-now. Effectively uses the abstract and alternative assets to acquaint their work. Exceptional use of citations and continued referencing. High akin of APA attention and chargeless of grammar and spelling errors.

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