AP WORLD renaissance crash course

How does John Green ascertain the Renaissance? It was an effloresce of arts. 3. Where do we frequently see the classical influences visually bidding in the Renaissance? The renaissance saw the activation of European ability afterwards the aphotic ages and rushed in the avant-garde are of secularism, rationality, and individualism. 4. Why are the advisers who formed with age-old Greek and Roman texts alleged humanists? What delusion has this name led to, and how is that delusion debunked by John Green? Because it adumbrated that they were anxious with bodies ether than the religious world. This led to the acceptance that Renaissance writers, artists, and advisers were secretly not religious, but they absolutely were belief the humanities. 5. Which dates are best frequently associated with the Renaissance? Why do we not accept a specific alternation of dates, or alpha and catastrophe point? 1 5th and 16th century. We don't accept specific dates because they weren't physically accounting down. 6. Why specifically, did Italy become the centermost of the Renaissance? Money 7. How and why did the Venetians become so rich? They exported bolt to the ottomans. They were able sailors and shipbuilders, and merchants. They ample out means to barter with Islamic empires which included the better bread-and-butter ability in the region, the ottomans. 8. Why were Florentine bolt so valuable? What were the two means they acquired the meaner to accomplish these bolt so admired (be specific). The blush remained active Dyed with a actinic alleged alum Italians bare the alum but could alone get it from the ottomans 9. In what way did the Islamic apple accord to the Renaissance? (Include specifics) The Muslim apple was the antecedent of abounding of the writings that the renaissance advisers studied. 10. Why is Copernicus so cool? What did he do? Because he was a advocate and a doctor and could allege 4 altered languages, he additionally apparent that the apple was not in the centermost of the universe. 1 1 . Why does John Green say the Renaissance didn't absolutely happen? Best bodies didn't apperceive about the renaissance because its art and acquirements afflicted alone a sliver of the European population. Additionally the activity assumption went bottomward in abounding areas of European during the renaissance.

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