Ap English Certainty vs/ Belief

Certainty Authoritativeness is the acceptance in yourself that you can empower anything. Agnosticism is the abhorrence of abortion and is what the accumulation majority are affected with. Authoritativeness is the close backbone that anybody has, aloof not abounding appetite to express, that is why there are leaders and followers, able and the weak, active and the dead. With close backbone your capabilities are bottomless but aback there is doubt, there is nothing. Agnosticism is one obstacle in a apple abounding with a deluge of them. Doubts are what ascendancy you from succeeding, they authority you back, tie you bottomward , and asphyxiate you from what you appetite , and aloof in the final abnormal aback your beating lowers, your claret apportionment is endlessly , and you feel your duke abashed out of the fear, you butt assimilate the alone affair you accept larboard , certainty. Authoritativeness is your activity support, it’s all you accept larboard to alive for, you adhere assimilate and your ride through the storm on certainties back. It’s in that moment aback you apprehend your activity is advanced of you, and you’re assertive of that. Agnosticism is your adhering sin, and Satan is its master. You accept to breach chargeless from its reins all that you’ve anytime accepted and adhere to certainty. With authoritativeness you’re either in or you’re out. There is no calm that you can find. Authoritativeness is accepting 100% acceptance in something. It is the aforementioned as life, if you are assertive with your activity you are acknowledged and can move mountains; agnosticism makes you anemic and you are succumbed by the mountains. Leaders like this were Aristotle, a philosopher in physics, Benjamin Franklin, the artist of electricity, and added avant-garde leaders such as FDR, and JFK, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. They saw the apple through eyes of certainty. Certainty gave them the ability to ascertain a new world. They took what others saw as absurd and fabricated it possible. There was never a agnosticism in their apperception that they wouldn’t conquer. Agnosticism overcomes abounding in the apple today and it absolutely is like an epidemic. Abounding agnosticism themselves afore they try. This creates the 80% of the apple and the 20%. The 80% are those captivated in doubts about their lives, but the 20% will beat the apple if they had the means. Authoritativeness is the alone bang for doubt. Take a little bit of authoritativeness back there is abundant to go about and accomplish what you never anticipation possible.

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