Any one Memo from the following topics, the link is for the referrence

Write a 3-6+ folio announcement on one of the afterward topics: Memo Topic #1: Announcement Proposing a Alpha Up Business: a Mini Business Plan. Use the Sequoia Capital “Writing a Business Plan” Outline (see articulation below). Select a business you’d like to alpha and address the announcement application the Sequoia Capital Business Plan Outline. You’ll charge at atomic 1 branch for anniversary of the 10 adviser credibility referenced in the Sequoia article: Memo Topic #2: Announcement Outlining the Process to Alpha a High Potential Startup Business This is a accepted “How-To” cardboard about starting a business. It’s all about agreeable you can acquisition in the affiliated Sam Altman “Playbook” commodity (link below). You’ll charge at atomic 1 paragrah for Parts I, II and III.  Part IV will charge 6-8 paragraphs Memo Topic #3: Announcement allotment and anecdotic the Technology you anticipate will accomplish a above aberration in business in the abutting 5-10 years. Select a technology that you anticipate will be actual important in the abutting 5-10 years. The Announcement outline should cover: Name the Technology Describe what the technology is and what it does. Describe the industry that the technology is allotment of. What are the changes the technology will cause. Describe why you anticipate the technology will account important changes. Estimate the admeasurement of the banking changes acquired by the technology. NOTE #1: USE THE BUSINESS MEMO FORM- Remember: Use the Business Announcement anatomy (much like email): TO:  Professor  FROM: (Your Name) DATE: (Date you abide the paper) RE: 1 band arbitrary account of what the cardboard is about (e.g. “Motorcycle Startup Business Plan” or “Quantum Computing- Above Technology Change for Weather Prediction”) (your memo) (References back used, should be added at the end of your memo).

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