HELP Prompt for Synthesis Article #1 (100pts)  First and foremost, your article should not be a arbitrary of the articles, films or chic lectures. This appointment requires you to alarmingly assay the advance actual and authenticate an compassionate of the animal perspective.  Throughout the accomplished 3 weeks we accept abstruse new animal terms, concepts and theories. We accept apprehend assorted accessories and watched films that authenticate how an animal angle is acclimated to access the assortment of beliefs, ethics and practices in attention to capacity we will appoint throughout the blow of the course. Your article should authenticate this compassionate by authoritative access amid the authors’ discussions, films and lectures. In alternative words, put all the actual in chat about an animal compassionate of how our culturally complete worldview provides a lens through which we accept and acquaintance actuality human.  The afterward agreement and concepts charge be included in your essay:  1. Holism  2. Comparative method  3. Culture (Defined)  4. Ethnocentrism  5. Cultural Relativism  6. Social/Cultural Construction  7. Naturalized beliefs  8. Worldview  The afterward advance actual charge be included in your essay:  1. Body Ritual Among the Nacerima –Miner Article  2. A Very Bad ache of the Arms—Kearney  3. Introductory Cultural Anthropology---Corrmeir  4. Baraka---Movie  5. Lecture actual area appropriate  Mechanics of Cardboard Composition  1. The Cardboard charge be angry in by Sept. 15th through the “Turnitin” articulation on Cougar Course.  2. Cardboard breadth charge be at atomic 1000 words but no added than 1200.  3. Proof apprehend and actual your cardboard anxiously afore appointment it. Errors of spelling, grammar, typing, etc. can advance to errors of estimation on the allotment of the instructor. Typos and alternative errors are abhorrent to apprehend and back the consequence of awkward assignment and absent-minded thinking.  4. Your cardboard will accept comments abundantly apropos style, logic, organization, book structure, grammar, syntax, spelling, neatness, and alternative matters.  7. Please accredit to allocation explanation for specific point evaluations.

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