ANT 202 Human Origins and Prehistory WK3-D2

 Field Note Collaborations for Anniversary 3        Field addendum are a actual important allotment of animal research.  Anthropologists use their acreage addendum to accomplish annal about what they  are seeing and cerebration while administering research. For your  collaboration you are actuality asked to accomplish your own acreage notes, based on  the assigned advance materials. As you apprehend the assigned actual or  watch an assigned video for this week, download the Weekly Study Acreage Notes (Links to an alien site.)  document and ample out a new set of acreage addendum in which you are  expected to address bottomward important concepts, genitalia of your account that  you ability accept questions about, or alike agreeable that you acquisition hasty  or interesting. Just like the addendum that an anthropologist makes in the  field, your addendum charge be bright and accessible to apprehend because you will be  uploading and administration them with your aeon in the collaboration. Guided Response: Save your book in the afterward format: StudentName-Field_Notes.docx. Attach your Acreage Addendum Worksheet to your antecedent announcement in the altercation forum. (View the Attaching Documents to Discussions video (Links to an alien site.) to apprentice how to do this).

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