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So i will column the abstraction , and i charge you to acknowledgment these two allotment Based on the abstraction i will column ...  the aboriginal one  1-  a set of architecture questions that you are gluttonous answers to (Note: that these are accepted questions such as “what types of things do bodies now do to administer their tasks” – these are not the questions you will ask the user, but the questions you are assuming as a designer);  2- . a description of the user citizenry you are belief and affidavit why you chose this user population;  ?  And this is the abstraction of the project    After discussing me and my aggregation begin out that it can be adamantine to admission abundant bare advice and barrio after accepting to go to assorted websites and accepting a university agenda on duke at all times. This can be actual arresting to the acceptance that appear the university. Our abstraction is authoritative an easier way for acceptance to admission capital advice way easier and award a bigger time accessing assertive appearance on campus such as cash, academy schedule, agenda admission to buildings, and more. The proposed abstraction is authoritative an app for the university that can calmly accommodate the apprentice one axial hub that can accommodate all the information, and agenda appearance that the campus has to offer.Currently the university has acceptance use all of these altered apps and websites to admission altered information. This can be tiring, confusing, and a decay of time aggravating to get to advice that acceptance affliction best about while on campus. With this app it would allay the cephalalgia acceptance get accepting to amount out what web-page they accept to go to, to get a assertive assignment done.

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