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   Nurses abetment patients in their affliction experience. The affliction acquaintance is abased on abounding variables, such as age, culture, able experience, duration, and intensity. Although the acquaintance of affliction is subjective, nurses accept adapted affliction scales to quantify severity. Affliction administration is best able by alive carefully with the bloom affliction aggregation and in accord with the patient. The Joint Commission (2018) has revised affliction appraisal and administration standards, acute hospitals to accept behavior that appoint patients in analysis decisions and accommodate at atomic one non-pharmacological affliction analysis modality.    Directions: Please apprehend the “Joint Comission’s Affliction Administration Update” and altercate the afterward with your classmates. 1. Explain one non-pharmacological analysis that you action patients and call the ambience in which it seems to assignment best. 2. Is there an another adjustment of affliction abatement that you would like to learn? 3. Call your access to assessing affliction in your patients. 4. Call how you accommodate patients in affliction administration decisions 

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