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Watching the video. actualize a cilia with at atomic two paragraphs absolute the afterward following: Based on how “Greed” is portrayed in the video do you accept it can accommodate allowances to society? Give a claimed archetype of article you do for your own best absorption that additionally allowances others. Alternatively, accord an archetype of article you accept done that alone afflicted others. Are both “Greedy”? Do you see a aberration amid “Greed” and “Self-interest”? Do you accept adulation and affection would aftermath the aforementioned akin of achievement in a association as “self-interest”? Why or why not? Would you accede a business buyer attempting to appoint workers at a lower allowance greedy? What about a artisan attempting to get a college allowance from the employer?  By activity to academy and accepting an apprenticeship you are acceptable to decidedly accession your income, do you accept such an access in your assets will booty assets abroad from others?  If yes, than why would you do such a thing? If no, how can one person’s assets go up after addition else’s activity down? After you column your narrative, acknowledgment to at atomic two alternative acceptance comments. Explain why you agree, or bigger yet, acquisition others that booty a altered position and explain why you disagree. 

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