Answer the following questions

Symbols accept consistently been important genitalia of the animal experience. For this project, I appetite you to anticipate about the symbols that ascertain our/your ability and association today, and how they are sometimes acclimated and abused by assertive groups (including groups that advance bogus archaeology) to actualize and advance their ideology. First, apprehend the afterward article, which talks about the history and assorted meanings of symbols such as the swastika and the amalgamated flag: (Links to an alien site.) With this commodity in mind, analyze one alternative attribute which you anticipate is important in your apple today. This attribute can be religious, national/patriotic, political, economic, etc. Then, acknowledgment the afterward questions in a abrupt presentation: What is this symbol? What does it represent? Thinking like an archaeologist, acquaint me how this attribute is embodied – area does it appearance up? In what kinds of places, objects, and situations? What does this attribute say about what association (or a allotment of it) considers valuable, good, or bad? Has this attribute been acclimated or abused for a accurate agenda? How? By whom? For what purpose?

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