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This week's assignment discussed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its implications for businesses in authoritative all-important apartment for disabled people. However, there are currently several advancing debates apropos whether assertive altitude should be accustomed as disabilities beneath the law. Accede and animadversion on the afterward questions:   1. Statistically, two in every three Americans are medically adipose today. Should blubber be classified as a disability? What are the implications for businesses hiring adipose advisers beneath the ADA? Before you answer, though, accede a abundant added axiological question: How do we (legally) ascertain "obese"? What metric should be used? Some altercate the Body Mass Index (BMI) is the medical gold standard, but accede that BMI is a far-from-perfect apparatus (see referenced commodity beneath answer how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is advised "obese" beneath the BMI standard). What would you advance as a band-aid to this credible problem? 2. Should actuality addiction be classified as a disability? If so, what threshold(s) should be acclimated to actualize an "addiction"? Does it depend on the affectionate of substance? For example, should addiction to controlled substances such as booze or tobacco be beheld abnormally beneath the law (for affliction purposes) than addiction to actionable substances? What are the implications for for businesses hiring "addicts"? Must be at atomic 300 words in APA format

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