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 1. Safe Accommodating Administration Movement

While acknowledging the abolishment of chiral accommodating handling, the ANA is lobbying for Safe Accommodating Administration (SPH) legislation. This legislation will accommodate added advantageous accessories and accessories to advice with accommodating handling. Health care, decidedly the nursing field, has become one of the best alarming industries in the United States. Nurses are decumbent to musculoskeletal disorders, added decidedly aback injuries, and the contempo downsizing has appropriate added ache on alone nurses. With technology, added appropriation and appointment accessories is actuality acclimated to advice with appropriation and affective the patients.

Funding for Nursing Workforce Development

Nursing curtailment is a growing problem, and is predicted to ability 1 actor by the year 2020. In adjustment to abode this issue, the ANA is lobbying for Congress to access allotment for Nursing Workforce Development programs. There are six above admission programs in Title VIII that would account from the added allotment and could accomplish an appulse on some of the nursing challenges.

Second apprentice post 

Safe Accommodating Administration and Movement

The ANA supports abolishment of chiral accommodating administration in an accomplishment to abate assignment accompanying injuries amid nurses, alternative healthcare workers and patients. The ambition of the Safe Accommodating Administration and Movement (SPHM) affairs is to assure nurses, healthcare workers and patients from injuries abiding during accommodating transfers by application advantageous accessories and in accomplishing so will cut assignment accompanying healthcare costs and advance all-embracing assurance of said parties. The accomplishing of the SPHM affairs additionally aims at abbreviation the nursing curtailment by assiduity nurse's careers that may accept been cut abbreviate by injuries abiding at the workplace.

Nurse Staffing

The ANA supports the Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act by captivation hospitals answerable for acute an able cardinal of nurses accessible for staffing and ensuring theRN's accept accomplished abilities for accouterment safe and reliable care. The act requires Medicare accommodating hospitals to authorize a staffing plan specific to the assemblage comprised by absolute careRN's and or representatives. Amid the belief for the staffing plan includes a minimum cardinal of RN's per accommodating numbers and allotment RN's who are accomplished and accomplished to assignment aural the units. The act additionally addresses apropos of the RN's by accouterment aegis for whistle-blowers who may book a complaint apropos staffing.

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