answer 5 questions……music homework……due today

this appointment is due today.....must acquire done aural 8 hours......if you acquire to do you will acquire this done aural 8 hours.....  Please acknowledgment the afterward music questions:     1. The Balkans arena has continued been a flashpoint for war and political strife. How has this region's history shaped the ability and the music of its peoples? Discuss how artists were able to assignment about abounding of these difficulties. 2. How far aback can we trace the origins of Balkan music? What alternative cogent agreeable ability intersects this aforementioned point in age-old history? Discuss some differences amid those two cultures as they took aberrant paths. 3. Discuss the metric anatomy of southern Balkans music (Greece & Bulgaria). How is it perceived by our "westernized" ears? How is it perceived in its aboriginal culture? 4. Describe the Bulgarian articulate tradition, and animadversion on why it was so acknowledged and able to advance in animosity of the political difficulties of the homeland? 5. Who was the best cogent artist from Romania who became an all-embracing success? What are the cogent after-effects of putting aboriginal music on the apple stage? How can it be both benign and adverse to the aboriginal culture?

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