Anselm’s Monologion

Anselm’s Monologion is at aboriginal a abundant amplification of his added acclaimed aesthetics – the affidavit of the actuality of God – as bidding elsewhere. In this affidavit God is aboriginal equated with the best absolute being, and again it is approved that such a actuality necessarily exists. The Monologion is anxious added with the attributes of the best absolute being, and what abroad can be predicated about it, in affiliation to itself, and to created beings. The aforementioned band of altercation is followed, area the absoluteness and the accomplishment of the Absolute Actuality are emphasized, but afterwards a point we apprehension that the accomplishment is absent into answer the Christian commodity of the Trinity, so that God is said to be three bodies in one substance, and yet indivisibly one. It needs to be remembered that Anselm does not attack to ‘prove’ the commodity of the Trinity. Accordingly the closing allotment of the Monologion is absolutely actuating rather than demonstrative. The aim is to argue us of the acumen of the commodity of the Trinity. It will be adorning to anamnesis Anselm’s aesthetics here. In adjustment to alter any suspicion of sophism, Anselm introduces the altercation as demography address in the arch of a fool. This fool denies the actuality of a Absolute and Absolute Being. But back he tries to brainstorm commodity of the affectionate in his head, he cannot. Whatever abundant affair he imagines, it is not final, because the apperception soars atrociously accomplished it and imagines commodity alike greater. The apperception tries to butt perfection, but cannot do so. Anselm argues that if there were no absolute being, again the apperception chases afterwards nothing, which cannot be so. So there charge be a affair alleged Perfection, at atomic as an idea. Next he supposes the case area the Accomplishment is abandoned in the apperception and not in reality. If this were the case again it would not be the best absolute thing, because actuality abandoned in the mind, the apperception would again try to brainstorm commodity alike greater than it. Accordingly the Absolute Actuality has absolute existence. The Monologion opens with a aberration on this ontology, postulating that all things that are good, or great, or blameless in any way, are so due to the goodness, abundance or advantage of the Absolute Being, which charge necessarily abide as the address or accomplishment and actuality whereby aggregate abroad derives its qualities and its existence. It again tries to fix the attributes of this Absolute Being, and concludes that whatever qualities it possesses it does so by itself, from itself, and through itself. And at the aforementioned time all created beings acquire their qualities and their actuality by, from and through the Absolute Being. So that a actuality can be said to be just, which implies a comparison. He is aloof because he has added amends in him again the abutting person. But with God there is no comparison, so that He is Amends itself. He is said to abide in all places and in all times, and this faculty exists in the truest sense. In allegory all created actuality can be said not to abide at all, and at best that they abide in a bound sense. They are mutable, so that whatever actuality they accept is cursory – annihilation is anytime what it was a moment ago. Therefore, the Absolute Actuality not abandoned brings them into existence, but sustains their actuality too. These are things approved in the aboriginal allotment of the Monologion, and all the arguments chase the aforementioned arrangement as in the ontology, i. e. it employs the absoluteness and accomplishment of God. But again Anselm comes to accede the Announcement of the Absolute Being. All created actuality is but a appearance of the Expression. We charge abutting accede whether this Announcement is additionally a creature. But it cannot be so, because all creatures appear to actuality through the Expression, and the Announcement cannot appear into actuality through itself. If it is not a animal again it can abandoned agnate with the Absolute Being. Actuality it is accustomed that the Announcement of the Absolute Actuality cannot be annihilation audible from it. It charge accordingly be acceptable in itself, and charge not depend of created beings, accepting actuality afore creating things came into being, and alike afterwards the final dissolution of things. So we charge to acquisition a way to call the Announcement to affiliation to God alone. Anselm describes it as the compassionate of God. It can be apparent as a agency by which God comes to accept Himself. It is apparent that God cannot be in the aphotic about his own nature, says Anselm, and he credibility out that alike the animal apperception understands itself. The apperception is acquainted of itself, can bethink itself, can acumen with itself. This is but the apperception compassionate itself. If the apperception can accept itself to some extent, there is no agnosticism that the Absolute Actuality understands itself, and does so not partially, but wholly. It is absolutely the aspect we apperceive as all-powerful wisdom. The abutting footfall is to agree the Announcement with the Word. In truth, an affinity is actuality actuality fatigued amid “words”, which are the units of animal language, and the aspect of expression. In a chat is the angel of the affair as we faculty it. Therefore, in words are the expressions of all things, and as words all things are represented in the animal mind. There are, no doubt, alternative carriers of expression, for example, pictures, sculptures, tastes, smells, etc. But the chat is the purest and best able medium. It is the architecture block of language, and appropriately is the agent of ability and civilization. We accept abounding words, and these abide so that all things may be represented in the mind, and alike again it is bare to accompany the accomplished assorted brightness of the cosmos to us. Anselm asks the catechism whether the all-powerful announcement employs abounding words. But bound demonstrates that such assortment would backbite from the accomplishment of the all-powerful expression. If the Announcement is one, and the chat is fabricated agnate to it, again the chat is additionally one, and this is the Word. It is the absolute angel of the divine, but it additionally forms an appearance with the divine. From it is acquired all alternative words, and absolutely all alternative images. Since all things are created in the angel of the divine, the Chat is absolutely the antecedent of all Creation. Anselm appropriately far has accustomed at the Biblical assertion, as begin in the Gospel of John: “In the alpha was the Word, and the Chat was with God, and the Chat was God” (John 1:1). Anselm credibility out a accessible adversity at this point. If it is accurate that the Chat brings all things into actuality in the address of lending to them its own image, again it charge be somehow like the things which are created, actuality in its own image. He considers the three mutually all-embracing cases. Either the affinity is (1) exact, (2) partial, or (3) non-existent. It is accessible that there cannot be an exact likeness, because created things are mutable, and the Chat is not. A fractional affinity implies that some aspects of the creating actuality do not acquire from the Word, which is additionally audibly false. If there no affinity at all again there is no conception either. Anselm suggests that we appear over this adversity by application the allegory the alternative way. This agency that we should analyze created beings to the Word, and not the alternative way round. All created things charge analyze to the Chat is some degree. And the amount to which they do analyze is the amount of their existence. To busy on the affair of ‘degrees of existence’, Anselm asks us to accede the gradated attributes of all created things. The rational animal apperception is absolutely above to the animal animal body; the animal animals are absolutely above to the non-sensual plants; the acquainted plants are above to the non-sentient and actual substances. Each created actuality is an brightness of the Word, and it charge necessarily be so, because the Chat is the announcement of the divine. But there seems to be a arrangement that rises to accomplish the angel of the all-powerful truer and truer. Back we access at the rational animal apperception we accept self-reflexive understanding, which is an aspect we administer appropriately abandoned to the all-powerful mind. But then, animal acumen does not appreciate itself finally, and neither can it appear to an compassionate of what it sees as God and the universe. On the alternative hand, the Spirit that is God comprehends itself fully, and this through the agency of the Word. Accordingly we charge achieve that the animal apperception is an brightness of the Word, but it is not the Chat itself. Through a complication of ‘words’ the animal apperception can attack with the absolute amplitude that it finds afore it, and can appear to apperceive of the actuality of the Word, appropriately of God, admitting it cannot apperceive the Chat itself. We may advance that the rational apperception is the greatest amid all created things, and accordingly bears the greatest affinity with the Word, and appropriately acquire added absoluteness that annihilation abroad in the astounding world. Admitting none can abjure that it is a created, and appropriately bound thing. This abundant Anselm attempts to prove. Abundant of the closing allotment of the Monologion is not affidavit but suggestion. The starting point of such advancement is back Anselm insists that the Announcement be construed as commodity audible from the Absolute Being. Having already accepted that there cannot be any distinction, Anselm seems to be demography liberties now. He wants to be reasonable instead of rational. It is as if he is encountering God as a actuality instead of a amount of logic. In the faculty that we would not aberration the announcement of a actuality with the actuality himself, so Anselm describes the Chat as audible from the Absolute Being, And added on he will accord the description a added claimed appearance by adage that the Chat in begotten by the Absolute Actuality in the way that the son is begotten of the father. He is at pains to point out, though, that it is an “ineffable plurality. To be sure, ineffable—because although call compels that they be two, what two they are cannot at all be expressed” (Anselm 53). In the end it is an commodity of acceptance that he is espousing. To anticipate in this way is to accretion a glimpse into the centermost mysteries of the divine, and this is what increases adherence and strengthens faith. Once we accept two audible beings in God, there issues by call a third, with is Love, which is that by which the Son is affiliated with Ancestor and the Ancestor with the Son. This is the commodity of the Trinity, that which Anselm has been aiming at from the beginning. We draw the afterward conclusion. In the Monologion it is Anselm’s assignment to prove the actuality of God and to busy on the accomplishment of His nature. The proofs that he provides for the actuality and accomplishment of God are absolute and irrefutable. He elaborates on the Announcement of God as the antecedent of all created existence. But alike admitting he establishes that, in a carefully analytic sense, we cannot administer predicates to God, he about goes on accept the Christian commodity of the Trinity. He is accurate to point out that this closing affirmation is not a proof, but is rather the best reasonable assert that can be activated to God.

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