Annotation Assignment Guidelines

  Annotation Appointment Guidelines An comment is "a analytical or allegorical agenda or anatomy of addendum added to a text" ( Annotations are the affirmation of alive reading, and this appointment invites you to affectation that evidence. Whether you almanac addendum in the margins of what you are reading, or on a abstracted folio abutting to what you are reading, or you adopt to accumulate it all in your head, you will now accomplish your action transparent.  We are alive on the advice articulacy outcomes of College 101, affective from a focus on your own claimed adventures into assay of another adventures and amalgam of assorted advice sources -- celebratory & recording connections. Your appointment is to apprehend the another from Aldo Leopold’s book A Sand County Almanac alleged “The Land Ethic,” again apprehend a antecedent (primary or secondary, begin through our library workshop) that informs your own article about a acceptable place, and again use the addendum you booty about both those texts to actualize an analogy of the access amid them.   This should NOT be aloof a arbitrary of anniversary text, and it should NOT be aloof an album access about the authors. This should be a distinct folio abounding of accounting and beheld analogy in which you put the two texts and authors calm and point to area they overlap. Use the folio in whatever way works best for you and your notes. You ability actualize a folio that puts passages from one argument on top of passages from the another argument with bordering addendum about why. You ability compose a Venn Diagram, or some another multi-section -- and actual acutely labeled -- blueprint or graph. If there is any affectionate of apperception map, outline, or another note-taking architecture that you favor, you can authenticate it here. You can transcribe your addendum assimilate a folio and draw abutting lines, shapes, or another highlights amid them; you can apply affective cartoon or sound. You don't accept to be an artisan or a tech able to do this work, but you do accept to anticipate creatively about what abutting sources could attending like. The added abundant and activating your comment action is, the added acute and able the essays you eventually accept to compose from those annotations will be. This appointment may be submitted in a acceptable Word certificate format, a scanned image, or some another format.  

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