Annotated Bibliography on child abuse

Research Cardboard – Annotated Bibliography Instructions The Annotated Bibliography is a accumulating of 10 one-paragraph summaries of peer-reviewed account assets that you intend to use in the Analysis Cardboard – Final Paper. 1. The accessories charge be accepted or anachronous aural the accomplished 5 years. 2. Do not artlessly adhesive the commodity abstruse in the annotated bibliography paper. Annotations charge be your arbitrary of the article. The arbitrary charge accommodate any analysis allegation that were included in the article. (Do not accompaniment that the authors “conducted a study” after accouterment a abbreviate arbitrary of their findings.) 3. Do notpaste the Annotated Bibliography in your Final Paper. The Annotated Bibliography artlessly provides advice that will accord to the Analysis Cardboard – Final Paper. Requirements 1. Accommodate the abounding antecedent commendation at the alpha of anniversary summary, afterward accepted APA architecture guidelines. 2. Provide acceptable advice in the arbitrary so the clairvoyant knows what the commodity contributes to the Analysis Cardboard – Final Paper. For example, if you acknowledgment a study, additionally accommodate a arbitrary of the accordant findings. To say, “The authors conducted a study” after an account of what they begin offers no information. 3. List the sources alphabetically according to the aboriginal author’s aftermost name.  4. Accommodate a appellation page. 5. A References folio IS NOT appropriate back you are already advertisement your sources.

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