Annotated Bibliography and Topic Selection Paper

Details:   Paper   should be 1,500-2,000-words and reflect analytical cerebration and   analysis. Refer to the Academic Writing Guidelines Resource   located in the Advance Materials area for abetment with this. You charge accept a minimum of six references to abutment your research.   The references should be taken from the annotated bibliography   completed beforehand in the course. Your analysis cardboard should accommodate advice about the following: Brief history of the drug Psychopharmacology of the   drug Current trends or issues Societal apropos or     issues accompanying to the drug Significance or appliance of     topic to the counseling profession Any approaching   implications Prepare this appointment according to the guidelines begin in the APA   Style Guide.  Must Pass Turnitin with beneath than 5% This appointment meets the afterward CACREP Standards: 5.C.2.e. Potential for actuality use disorders to actor and/or co-occur with a array of neurological, medical, and  psychological disorders. 5.C.2.g. Impact of biological and acoustic mechanisms on brainy health. 5.C.2.h. Classifications, indications, and contraindications of frequently assigned psychopharmacological  medications for adapted medical barometer and consultation. This appointment meets the afterward NASAC Standards: 3) Call the behavioral, psychological, concrete health, and amusing furnishings of consciousness-expanding drugs, including booze and tobacco, on the customer and cogent others. 9) Understand the accustomed analytic belief for actuality assurance and abuse, and call analysis modalities and adjustment belief aural the continuum of care. 14) Be accustomed with medical and biologic assets in the analysis of addictive ache and alternative substance-related disorders. 20) Understand the addiction professional's obligation to attach to about accustomed ethical and behavioral standards of conduct in the allowance relationship. 103) Call admonishing signs, symptoms, and the advance of addictions. 107) Understand the bloom and behavioral problems accompanying to the analysis of addiction, including manual and blockage of HIV/AIDS, TB, STDs, and alternative catching diseases. 117) Interpret and administer advice from accepted counseling and addictions analysis abstract in adjustment to advance applicant affliction and     enhance able growth.

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