Annotated Bibliography and Reference List

Annotated Bibliography and Advertence List  Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH) would like to action a absolute accessory bloom dispensary aural Pocahontas County. You accept been apprenticed to adapt a address for the PMH Board of Directors that will adviser them in free the achievability of accomplishing this. Identify the mission, vision, values, and goals for the Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. see attachment  Create an annotated bibliography for your paper. When administering a abstract analysis on a topic, it is advantageous to accumulate an annotated bibliography of abeyant sources that will be acclimated in your writing. For added advice about advancing an annotated bibliography, bang on this link: Purdue OWL (2013): Annotated Bibliographies. • The assets should be listed in alphabetical adjustment by author, with anniversary abounding advertence listed in APA advertence appearance (use the Hanging Indent apparatus in Microsoft Word), followed by an biconcave branch that summarizes what the commodity is about and evaluates its acceptation to your capstone. • Create a advertence account for your presentation.

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