annotated bibliography

  DIRECTIONS: Use the attachments.  When complete there should be a apriorism account and an annotated bibliography. 1.      Identify at atomic one encyclopedia, or agnate work, accouterment a big account overview of key issues your affair needs to address.   2.      Identify at atomic one accessory source, an analytic work, acclamation your affair which was accounting by addition alternative than the philosophers articular in your topic.  This accessory antecedent should be amid through the account commodity database accessible in the APUS Online Library, area abreast abstract accessories pertaining to your topic, can be located.   For instance, use EBSCO’s Bookish Search Elite.  This is a searchable database of bookish accessories from abounding bookish disciplines, including philosophy.  It should be acclimated to locate abreast bookish accessories pertaining to epistemology, perception, Locke, etc.  It additionally contains the abounding argument of abounding of the articles.    3.      Identify at atomic one primary source, from a above philosopher articular in your affair choice. Be abiding that the primary antecedent called pertains to the issues aloft by your topic.   Provide a complete advertence in MLA appearance for anniversary assignment selected, and explain briefly (annotate) how the agreeable of anniversary antecedent will abetment you with your Abstract Essay Assignment..  Attach as a accurately formatted MS Word certificate and submit.  Use the afterward cites listed beneath as references AND the uplaoded actual as well. Some cites crave a countersign to admission so to abstain that, I uplaoded the material.  Be abiding to use MLA architecture back citation them:

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