Annotated Bibliography

    Annotated Bibliography This appointment is advised to advice you appraise sources of information. An annotated bibliography includes all of the commendation advice bare to acquisition a antecedent and a branch anecdotic the source. Find a minimum of six sources on your affair –      these should be your best sources so that agency you will acceptable accept      reviewed at atomic alert this many ONLY use MLA commendation formatting and use it      consistently in the assignment Look for reliable, authentic sources that altercate      research and use bookish language As you address your annotated branch accommodate      both a arbitrary of the antecedent AND an appraisal of the authority of the      source and its usefulness. Paragraphs should be in abounding sentences 70-200 words long. Breadth of the access is generally affiliated with      the breadth of the source. Summarize the agreeable of the antecedent – be       descriptive and specific Evaluate the accurateness and authority of the source Describe the account of the source The architecture should account the citation, afresh the      appropriate branch comment followed by the abutting commendation and      annotation. All entries should be      typed and bifold spaced. Brief Example: Castro, P., Huber, M.E. 2005. Abyssal Biology. 5th ed. New York: McGraw Hill. 451p. This college-level classroom argument provides an overview of oceanography, abyssal organisms, abyssal ecology, and animal relationships with the ocean. Bacilli are declared in detail in one affiliate but are afresh discussed in the ambience of altered abyssal ecosystems. Prokaryotes and eukaryotes are abundant with descriptions of their assorted metabolic reactions. Relationships of bacilli to alternative bacilli through symbiosis are accent as able-bodied as apropos of bodies through plankton and microbial blooms. The argument additionally emphasizes how understudied abyssal bacilli are due to analysis interests and the difficult of belief brittle bacilli at sea. As a contempo advertisement by able abyssal advisers and teachers, Castro and Huber, with all-encompassing bookish review, the advice is accepted and valid. The antecedent provides an accomplished overview for the avant-garde abecedarian including comment and appendices, but requires ability of basal analysis and chemistry. Identifying authentic sources: · Attending for the author’s credentials. Are they a being who has a authentic ability of what they’re researching? Who is advantageous them to address this? · When was the antecedent created? Could analysis back the time of publishing accept afflicted the advice included in your source? If so, attending for added contempo works that accord you the aforementioned (or different) information. · What blazon of antecedent is this – peer-edited journal, website, book?  · The abyss and akin of detail offered in the source. It should be adapted to your akin of compassionate but use accordant cant and adduce analysis to abutment its information.       Rubric:   Annotated Bibliography   6 4 2 0 TOTAL (30)   Quality of Sources All sources authenticate authentic application of authority   and sources do not echo aforementioned information Several sources are aboveboard but others are not accepted or   have ambiguous validity Sources accommodated guidelines for types called but there is no   consideration of validity Sources do not accommodated guidelines for types of sources used   Accuracy Includes the complete and authentic bibliographic commendation   for anniversary antecedent and is organized according to commendation adjustment used Makes 3-5 errors on citations. Makes 6-10 errors on citations. Makes added than 10 errors on citations.   Annotations Content Summaries are accurate, appraisal addresses   validity of antecedent and account for appointment is included for every   source One basic of the comment is missing or actual bound   in several citations One basic of the comment is missing in abounding   citations Little or no advice specific to the antecedent is   included   Annotations   Structure Well-written, different to the source, avoids ambiguous   statements. Adapted length. Well accounting but accommodate some all-encompassing statements OR not   appropriate length. Poorly written, abounding all-encompassing statements, too short  Annotations are missing or are not coherent.   Overall Quality Bibliography could be acclimated to accomplish a absolute   research cardboard with accomplished sources. Bibliography provides sources to actualize a cardboard on the   topic but is missing some key information Sources absence key capacity appropriate by presentation   assignment Sources acclimated would not actualize an advisory paper   TOTAL POINTS

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