Annotated Bibliography

Create: Annotated Bibliography

Evaluation Title: The Annotated Bibliography

By now you accept accustomed a topic, formulated analysis questions, crafted a apriorism statement, and articular accessible chase agreement and advantageous databases for your research. 

Now you will be putting all those genitalia of the action calm as you actualize an annotated bibliography of sources accompanying to your topic. An annotated bibliography provides a account of references in APA appearance forth with a arbitrary of key believability in anniversary commodity accompanying to your focus on the topic.  Creating an annotated bibliography is accomplished alertness for autograph a analysis paper. Once a apprentice has completed one, they accept a abundant bigger compassionate of the altered ideas, viewpoints, and behavior that are complex with their topic. This helps the apprentice address the article with ascendancy and confidence. 

For the annotated bibliography:

  • Locate 6 sources that are accompanying to your topic, again actualize an APA advertence for anniversary one.
  • Under anniversary advertence entry,  address a abbreviate comment that summarizes the source, includes advice apropos its credibility, and shares how it relates to your topic.  You will do this for all 6 sources. 
  • Provide a appellation folio in APA format

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