Annotated Bibliographies

Topic: The Psychology of Bullying 5 sources from website at the end and explain anniversary one in 150 words. Advice from database alone that I provided at the end. Additionally the being who does this appointment will additionally be accomplishing the absolute analysis cardboard as able-bodied at a after date with the 5 sources. Template for Assignment:  Annotated Bibliography Your Name My Name Course Name Date *repeat the beneath architecture bristles times (5 times - not the branch and the title) for anniversary antecedent appropriate for the essay; templates absolute beneath than the bristles appropriate sources will not be accepted.  Fill this in with your own advice (this architecture is in MLA; you can use APA architecture if you want): Working Appellation of the Final Essay *Please use the afterward arrangement for the article/source you’ve called for your cardboard and this assignment MLA Citation of the antecedent goes here: Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of the Article.”  Name of Journal Volume.Issue (Year): folio numbers. Name of Database. Web. 28  July 2017.  Annotation of the antecedent goes here: this is area you explain, in 150 - 200 words what this commodity is about, and again explain how this commodity will be acclimated to abutment (at atomic three different) credibility in your paper.  You additionally accommodate a adduce or digest actuality that you can use from the commodity in your paper. Sources

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