After brainstorming about accessible 'opposition' points, or credibility of appearance on the topic/issue that are altered from yours, amuse acquisition a antecedent that supports or shares an opposing abstraction accompanying to your affair or issue. Some capacity are 'trickier' than others to acquisition an opposing point of view, but all capacity should accept ideas/points that are in some way 'different' than castigation alike if they don't anon argue your perspective. If you can't anticipate of action to your thesis, there may be action (or a altered point of view) on one of your 'support points' (a altered appearance on the 'cause' or a altered acceptance on what can 'solve' the problem). Reach out for advice if you are disturbing to anticipate of an action point. After brainstorming on and award an action source, apprehend it and complete an Annotated Bibliography Entry (Annotated Bib English 101.docx Actions ). Submit your ABE for an action antecedent by Tuesday's chic time. topic is booze use in academy which is the affair you chose aftermost time 

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