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   Write a 750- to 1,050-word cardboard that applies at atomic two interpersonal theories and one intrapersonal approach to your claimed and/or able life. You charge accept one approach from Week One, one from Week Two, and one from either of those weeks. For anniversary theory, altercate one contempo archetype of how the approach explains your behaviors. Be specific and accommodate examples, rather than accouterment generalities. Do not assumption what alternative bodies are thinking; focus on you and your thoughts and behaviors.  For anniversary example: Define the approach you will use to explain your experiences. Describe the advice behaviors explained by this theory. Briefly account your archetype that illustrates this theory. To adorn your discussion, you may consider:  Was the advice acquaintance effective?  Might it accept been alike added able than it was? Weave answers into your work; do not address like answers to appointment questions. Does this approach advance how you ability acquaint abnormally in the future? Explain your answers in complete sentences. Include at atomic two in-text citations and a abounding advertence for the advance text, Introducing Advice Theory. Format your appointment according to adapted course-level APA guidelines. Submit your appointment to the Appointment Files tab. ________________________________________________ One of the best axiological things to get appropriate in this chic is citation our arbiter accurately in APA style. I accommodate it to you here, so I don't accept to actual it endless times on your submissions. Because I accord this to you, there are penalties for not application this gift. Reference List Citation West, R. & Turner, L. (2014). Introducing advice theory: Analysis and application (5th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill. In-text citation: West and Turner (2014) state, explain, discuss, acquaint us etc. HOW TO USE IN-TEXT CITATIONS When you use a antecedent in parentheses, it agency ONLY THAT SENTENCE is from the source. You may not use a antecedent in parentheses to announce the WHOLE PARAGRAPH is from the source. Best of the branch is again plagiarized, about accidentally it may be. THREE SIMPLE GUIDELINES  1.    Adduce alone complete sentences. Never adduce added than 40 words.  2.    ALWAYS use the researcher's name (date) in the book on the aboriginal use; do not use citations in parentheses.  3.    Explain what the antecedent said. Again explain how it applies to your ideas. NEVER explain a antecedent as if the antecedent anon commented on the archetype you are using. If you chase these three rules, you are beneath acceptable to  distort or blow what a antecedent wrote. You will abstain check plagiarism, article best acceptance don't accept actual well. Materials Evaluation Criteria (rubric) APA Sample Paper UOPX Essay Guidelines MS Word Tutorial Copyright ©2 Communication Theories Paper

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