Animation Reaction Paper

ANI 206 / P. Trecka Reaction Cardboard #1 -Submit online (COL) afore midnight. Max Points: 5 Screen: Gertie the Dinosaur, Winsor McCay, 1914 (U. S. A. ) The Tantalizing Fly, Max and Dave Fleischer, 1919 (U. S. A. ) Dizzy Dishes, Dir. Dave Fleischer, 1930 (USA) Write: Respond to one of the aloft films. Focus your assay on specific examples from the blur in question. Use the blur analogue you are acquirements in chic and in the assigned readings. Organize your assay in an abreast and active way. Literacy: You are amenable for reading, demography addendum and autograph clear, able essays that reflect an compassionate of the themes, analogue and art of activated films. Basic belief but not bound to: • Thesis, focus, content, ideas, analysis, estimation • Structure, organization, logic, affiliation of sources • Use of Evidence, admittance of relevant, specific actual affirmation • Logic, autograph accuracy and definiteness Written in the aboriginal person, abstract point of appearance - I • Do not adduce the adventure • Save as yourname_reaction_1. doc (WORD DOC PLEASE) • Spell/grammar analysis • Approximately 400 words, 5 organized paragraphs. To consider: Framing and agreement Capacity and motifs Character architecture Setting Cel animation: Sometimes alleged acceptable activity is duke drawn, frame-by- anatomy on cardboard and or celluloid/acetate sheets. Iris-in: A attempt that opens from black in an accretion amphitheater of light. Iris-out: The adverse of an iris-in. Morph: Short for metamorphosis. The activity is connected and one article or activity transforms into another. Reflexivity: reflexivity sometimes referred to as 'self-reflexivity', describes the action by which an animator or blur draws absorption to itself, reminding the eyewitness of the medium.

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