Animal: Sea Otter (Scientific name: Enhydra lutris)

Guidelines for Research Address & Presentation MSCI 1501K, Fall 2019 Report (SEE BELOW FOR SUBMISSION INFORMATION): Your acknowledged address MUST include  Cover page (Title, your name, “MSCI 1501K Addition to Abyssal Biology”, date submitted, and instructor’s name (Dwight Ebanks, Ph.D.). For example: The Sea Squirt Didemnum vexillum Jonathan Doe MSCI 1501K.01 Addition to Abyssal Biology Submitted XX Month XXXX Instructor: Dwight Ebanks, Ph.D.  Length & General Specifications : Cover folio additional 2 pages of argument minimum -3 pages of argument maximum, double-spaced, typed.  After the text, there will be a Literature Cited section.  Font : Times New Roman, 12-point OR Arial, 12-point.  Whichever font-type you select, stick with it for the whole document.  Recommend your address be advised above-mentioned to submission.  Quotations are not allowed.    Bold the headers for the altered sections.  There charge be an addition and cessation section.  Topical Instructions: This address is on the abyssal beastly for which you were accustomed (only 1 species).  If you were not approved for an beastly you cannot proceed.  You MUST get approval first.  A acknowledged address will include the afterward elements in the order (do not amalgamate sections) listed beneath about the beastly that you selected: - Addition - Taxonomic allocation (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species) (learn to correctly pronounce these for your presentation) - Habitat - Reproductive strategy - Morphology (size, shape, appearance) - Ecology (How does your beastly collaborate with its ambiance and the alternative animals in its habitat?) - Unique traits/characteristics - Conclusion ***Note: You will be the alone apprentice advertisement on your beastly so go all out and accord as abundant detail as possible.  You are to focus on your breed and not alternative agnate animals alike if they are in the same genus.*** Citations!!! (minimum: 2 not including the argument book or websites, all citations charge be in the text) As you know, plagiarism is not tolerated at SSU (see your Apprentice Handbook) so if you advance anyone’s words, work, or alternative appear document, you MUST adduce your antecedent application the afterward styles: Journal Article Author(s). (Year). Title of article. Journal Volume (issue):pages. Example: Marshall, W., Bryson, S. and Wood, C. (1992). Calcium carriage by abandoned bark of bubble trout. Journal of Experimental Biology 166 (3):297-316. Book Author(s). (Year). Title of book, ed(s). Name of editors. Abode of Publication: Publisher. Number of pages pp. Example: Doe, J. B. (1963). Life in the Urban Setting, eds. R. Smith and K. B. Jefferson. New York: Creighton Publishers. 429 pp. Book Section Author(s) of section. (Year). Title of section. In Title of book , ed(s). Name of editors, pp. pages. Abode of Publication: Publisher. Example: Morrill, J. B. (1982). Development of the pulmonate gastropod, Lymnaea . In Developmental Biology of Freshwater Invertebrates , eds. W. Harrison and R. F. Cowdon, pp. 399-483. New York: Alan R. Liss. If you accept alternative types of references or feel that you charge to use a website for a reference, amuse ask me specifically about that source.  Websites charge be accustomed afore you can use them.  Sources geared against children, Wikipedia, and agnate sources will not be accustomed as references.  They are a abundant abode to start your chase but cannot be acclimated as the final word. Presentation to BE GIVEN IN CLASS: Length: No beneath than 5 account and no best than 8 minutes.  If it is axiomatic that you did not prepare, you will be penalized.   Content:  You are chargeless to accomplish any affectionate of presentation (except Power Point, Prezi, or the like, and quiz games) you like, but it charge be ancestors affable (no profanity etc.).  Topics from 3 chapters, alternative than the chapter in which your beastly may accept been discussed, charge be congenital at a minimum.  You charge additionally identify which affiliate the advice comes from and explain how it is relevant.  You charge brainwash the chic about your alleged animal.  You will additionally be asked at atomic one catechism by your aeon or the instructor. Videos:   Only one, not to beat 30 seconds. Reading your accounting address is not acceptable.  Each apprentice will accord a presentation and will be alleged to do so, based on your sign-up date.  ALSO, allotment of your brand will be based on your accord (asking the presenter questions). Submission Schedule: 30 OCT 2019: Topic Approval (you charge accept the genus, species, and accepted name) & Sign up 18 NOV 2019:  All Papers DUE

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