Animal Organization and Homeostasis Quiz

Note: This area additionally includes the integumentary system 1. Which gives the actual arrangement of accretion authoritative complexity? a) organ, tissue, cell, agency system, organism b) cell, organ, agency system, tissue, organism c) cell, tissue, organ, agency system, organism d) organism, tissue, cell, agency system, organ e) tissue, cell, agency system, organism, organ 2. Which blazon of tissue curve anatomy cavities and covers anatomy surfaces? a) beef tissue b) afraid tissue c) epithelial tissue d) affiliation tissue 3. Which blazon of tissue is amenable for contractions that acquiesce movement of organs or the absolute body? a) beef tissue b) afraid tissue c) epithelial tissue d) affiliation tissue 4. Which blazon of tissue is amenable for receiving, interpreting, and bearing a acknowledgment to stimuli? a) beef tissue b) afraid tissue c) epithelial tissue d) affiliation tissue 5. Which tissue includes cartilage and cartilage? a) beef tissue b) afraid tissue c) epithelial tissue d) affiliation tissue 6. Which tissue includes the epidermis? a) beef tissue b) afraid tissue c) epithelial tissue d) affiliation tissue 7. Digestive juices cannot aperture amid the epithelial beef lining the lumen because of a) beef tissue b) afraid tissue c) epithelial tissue d) affiliation tissue 8. Which tissue includes claret and adipose tissue? a) beef tissue b) afraid tissue c) epithelial tissue d) affiliation tissue 9. Which of the afterward statements is Not accurate about epithelial tissue? a) Flattened beef are begin in squamous epithelium. b) Columnar epithelium is cubed-shaped with the basis abreast the high apparent of the cells. c) Simple epithelium has a distinct band of beef in the tissue. d) Pseudostratified epithelium looks like it has assorted layers, but all the beef are absorbed to the aforementioned base. e) Epithelium lining the respiratory amplitude contains cilia that move particles forth its surface. 10. Which account about epithelial tissue is Not accurate ? a) Stratified epithelium has abundant layers of cells. b) Epithelial tissue has one chargeless apparent and one apparent absorbed to a basement membrane. c) Connections amid epithelial beef accommodate gap junctions, apprenticed junctions, and atom desmosomes (adhesion junctions). d) Beef of the animal epithelium accommodate a waterproof protein alleged keratin. e) Glandular epithelium that secretes its artefact into a aqueduct forms the endocrine glands. 11. Which is Not a action of affiliation tissue? a) band anatomy surfaces and cavities b) bind and abutment anatomy parts c) abundance activity in fat d) ample spaces e) aftermath claret cells 12. Which account about affiliation tissue is Not true? a) Affiliation tissue contains beef able of appropriate into beef and cartilage in animals. b) Loose affiliation tissue contains fibroblasts, altered kinds of fibers, and a nonliving matrix. c) Fibrous affiliation tissue includes cartilage and cartilage. d) Claret is a affiliation tissue that contains a aqueous matrix. e) Adipose tissue provides insulation and padding, as in the skin. 13. Which is Not a anatomy apparent in bunched bone? a) concentric circles of organization b) Haversian canals absolute claret argosy and nerves. c) osteocytes amid aural lacunae d) awkward confined and plates with aberrant spaces amid them e) cytoplasmic extensions of cartilage beef in canaliculi 14. Which account is Not accurate about cartilage? a) Cartilage beef are amid in baby spaces alleged lacunae. b) The cast of cartilage includes collagen and adaptable fibers. c) The cast of cartilage includes calcium salts. d) The aboriginal skeleton of the animal antecedent is fabricated of cartilage. e) Adults accept cartilage structures that accommodate the nose, ear, and intervertebral disks. 15. Which account about claret is Not true? a) Erythrocytes backpack oxygen. b) Platelets are not complete cells. c) Platelets are complex in claret clotting. d) Leukocytes are complex in the body's aegis adjoin infection. e) The aqueous matrix, plasma, is fabricated by the beef in the bloodstream. 16. Which of the afterward statements about able-bodied tissue is Not true? a) Ashen beef fibers are acutely ample beef with assorted nuclei. b) All alveolate beef is below autonomous control. c) Bland beef lacks striations. d) Alveolate beef has bands of actin and myosin filaments erect to the breadth of the cell. e) Ashen beef fibers anatomy as assorted forerunner beef abutting to aftermath a distinct cell. 17. Which account about affection tissue is Not correct? a) The affection is composed mainly of cardiac beef tissue. b) Cardiac beef is not striated. c) Cardiac beef accept a distinct axial nucleus. d) Cardiac beef movement is involuntary. 18. The affection is fabricated of cardiac fibers that are apprenticed calm in one commutual accumulation due to ? a) aggregate nuclei. b) apprenticed junctions. c) adherence junctions (desmosomes). d) gap junctions. e) intercalated disks fabricated of both desmosomes and gap junctions. 19. Which account is Not accurate about afraid tissue? a) Beef in the afraid arrangement that conduct electrical impulses are alleged neurons. b) Glial beef abutment and assure neurons. c) The dendrites backpack electrical impulses abroad from the corpuscle anatomy of the neuron. d) Assumption fibers are continued axons and dendrites apprenticed by affiliation tissues to anatomy nerves. e) Glial beef may accommodate neurons with nutrients or accumulate them chargeless of cellular debris. 20. Which anatomy is Not a allotment of the skin? a) stratified squamous epithelium b) melanocytes c) dermis d) affiliation tissue e) subcutaneous tissue 21. The accepted action of accepting a tan and again accident it is best explained by which of the following? a) Melanocytes anatomy melanin in the asleep top accoutrement and it is anon done off. b) Melanocytes anatomy melanin in acknowledgment to sunlight but claret breeze boring carries it away. c) Melanocytes anatomy melanin in acknowledgment to sunlight but again reabsorb it in the absence of light. d) Melanocytes in the adding band of the accoutrement aftermath melanin, but again beef bisect and bisected are consistently actuality pushed to the top to abrade and be done off. e) Ultraviolet ablaze amercement the subcutaneous bark beef but these aphotic austere beef anon are attenuated and replaced by healing processes. 22. If you ablution your bark and beard several times a day, you will anon accept dry bark that calmly cracks and bleeds because the oils you accept removed are all-important to accumulate bark supple. This oil is ? a) pili buried by arrestors. b) lymph buried by aqueous ducts. c) sebum buried by diaphoresis glands. d) sebum buried by sebaceous glands. e) acrid diaphoresis buried by diaphoresis glands. 23. Possible break of bark blight are ? a) an accessible abscessed that will not heal. b) a birthmark that bleeds scabs. c) aberrant shaped birthmark with grey, white, or red bark about it. d) All of the aloft are correct. e) None of the aloft is correct. 24. When discussing homeostasis in anatomy temperature, it is not accurate to say that the anatomy responds to ? a) algid by application the arrector pili muscles. b) algid by application ashen anatomy in shivering. c) algid by rerouting claret abroad from the skin. d) calefaction by aesthetic diaphoresis release. e) calefaction by constricting the claret argosy in the skin. 25. In which of the afterward structures would one best acceptable acquisition bland muscle? a) biceps muscle b) heart c) digestive tract d) quadriceps muscle e) gluteus maximus muscle 26. One blazon of cell-communicating apparatus allows abstracts to canyon through beef and not amid them. ?This is due to the attributes of the beef actuality in absolute acquaintance with anniversary other. An archetype would be begin in the epithelial beef of the gut and is accepted as a(n) ? a) apprenticed junction b) gap junction c) plasmodesmata d) adherence junction e) desmosome 27. Haversian canals and a cast of crystals of calcium phosphate would be begin in ? a) teeth b) nails c) hooves d) bone e) cartilage 28. Cuboidal epithelium would be begin ? a) in the walls of the heart. b) in the knees and alternative joints as able-bodied as in the adenoids and tracheal rings. c) on the apparent of the skin. d) lining glands and branch tubules, and accoutrement the ovaries. e) in tendons and the sheath about autonomous muscles. 29. An archetype of a absolute acknowledgment bend would be ? a) a acceleration in anatomy temperature causing a aborticide of claret argosy in the skin. b) the patellar reflex. c) the assembly of epithelial beef to alleviate a cut. d) claret clotting. e) binding of the iris of the eye in ablaze light. 30. Intercellular junctions are important in both plants and animals. Which of the afterward is Not acclimated by animals as junctions? a) apprenticed junctions b) plasmodesmata c) desmosomes d) gap junctions e) communicating junctions 31. Of the items listed, which is Not appropriate for aliment of life? a) water b) food c) carbon dioxide d) pressure 32. Homeostasis refers to ? a) alteration alien conditions. b) abiding alien conditions. c) alteration centralized conditions. d) abiding centralized conditions. 33. Which of the afterward is Not one of the four basal types of anatomy tissues? a) epithelial b) connective c) brain d) muscle e) nervous 34. A basement film occurs amid ? a) beef and assumption tissue. b) epithelial and affiliation tissue. c) affiliation tissue and beef tissue d) academician and assumption tissue. 35. Epithelial tissue functions in ? a) secretion b) absorption c) protection d) All of the above. 36. The beef tissue that can be carefully controlled is ? a) smooth b) skeletal c) cardiac d) intercalated e) None of these. 37. Which of the afterward is Not a appropriate of assumption tissue? a) It is begin in the brain, analgesic cord, and nerves. b) It contains beef that acknowledge by transmitting impulses. ? c) Its intercellular spaces are abounding with collagen. ? d) Functional beef are acute to changes in their surrounding. 38. Permanent wrinkling of the bark is usually due to changes acquired by boundless acknowledgment to ? a) water b) sunlight c) dry air d) heat 39. Which of the afterward corpuscle types are atomic acceptable to reproduce? a) endothelial beef that band the digestive tract. b) fibroblasts of affiliation tissue. c) ashen beef cells. d) red cartilage bottom cells. 40. The subcutaneous band is amid ? a) aloft the epidermis. b) amid the accoutrement and dermis. c) aural the dermis. d) below the dermis. 41. Which of the afterward is not actual apropos the skin? a) The bark is usually thicker than the epidermis. b) The accoutrement is composed of stratified squamous epithelium. c) The subcutaneous band is amid the bark and epidermis. d) The bark contains bland beef and assumption tissue. 42. Exocrine diaphoresis glands ? a) are best accepted in the armpits and groin. b) acknowledge primarily to animated anatomy temperature. c) acknowledge primarily to affecting stress. d) usually are associated with beard follicles. 43. Acne is a ataxia involving the ? a) diaphoresis glands b) beard follicles c) sebaceous glands d) apocrine glands e) endocrine glands 44. Bark beef comedy an important role in the assembly of ? a) vitamin A b) vitamin B c) vitamin C d) vitamin D e) vitamin E 45. The better agency of the animal anatomy is the ? a) brain b) liver c) stomach d) skin e) lungs 46. Keratin ? a) is a waterproof protein. b) fills asleep beef in the dermis. c) is a bark pigment. d) All of the aloft are true. 47. The bark ? a) covers the epidermis. b) produces melanin. c) contains afraid tissue and claret vessels. d) consists mostly of asleep cells. 48. Which of the afterward is buried by sebaceous glands in the skin? a) melanin b) sebum c) keratin d) sweat 49. Beard and nails are composed primarily of ? a) sebum b) keratin c) melanin d) glands e) active cells 50. Beard blush and bark blush are bent by ? a) keratin b) sebum c) melanin d) glands

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