Anatomy and physiology

Question one: State the aberration and similarities amid the two aloft analysis of the autonomic afraid system. Where do the systems axis from and what neurotransmitters do they use. Amuse explain and details. Question two: amuse explain the accepted affiliation of the belly and actual cells. Amuse altercate in detail the aberration assumption preceptor, family, classes based on anatomy and function,  locations. Explain capacity of the mechanical, thermal, actinic and Electromagnetic and cast of activation. Altercate the two aberration amid types of affliction and acknowledgment aberration of the aboriginal adjustment and additional adjustment and third adjustment neurons and how they chronicle with the nueronal pathways. Finally altercate the high and lower motor neurons and they're pathways.  Question three: altercate the olfaction appropriate sense Questions four: altercate gustation appropriate sense  Question five: discussed Vision appropriate faculty forth with the eye.  Questions six: altercate that audition appropriate faculty forth with the ear.  Please use accord abundant capacity application the web and the PowerPoints absorbed to acknowledgment the aloft questions 

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