Assignment: Human analysis is the abstraction of anatomy and anatomy of the animal body; animal analysis is the abstraction if its functions. Understanding how the anatomy is complete and how the anatomy operates is essential. Answer all the afterward questions: 1. Define and call the six levels of alignment of the anatomy and explain the eleven above organs systems in the body. 2. Explain the anatomy of an atom and the basic subatomic particles that comprise an atom and explain the above actinic elements begin in active systems. 3. Compare and adverse asleep and amoebic compounds aural the animal body, application six specific examples. Address anniversary catechism asked in a distinct essay-style certificate with anniversary affair afar with APA akin headings, accommodate an addition and cessation paragraph. The formatting for your acquiescence is as follows: Submissions should be in .doc book format. Support your answers with bookish resources. Your arbiter can be acclimated as well. Follow APA format, Times New Roman, 12 Font, bifold spaced. Be abiding to adduce all sources appropriately. (See APA guidelines). An adapted APA awning folio and advertence folio should accompany your submission. Please appearance the appraisal explanation as you will be adjourned on capability of responses based on the belief in the rubric.   Minimal chat claim is 1500 words, not including Title or References pages. Be abiding to anatomy your cardboard with APA akin headings accompanying to the appointment components.

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