Analyzing Standards

  Using this topic’s materials, analysis the requirements of the: National Board for Able Teaching Standards: Five Amount Propositions Council for Exceptional Children Initial Akin Special Educator Preparation Standards Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium Standards   Using the “Analyzing Standards Template,” analyze the similarities and differences amid the NBPTS, CEC, and InTASC standards or amount propositions. In addition, afterwards achievement of the template, compose a 500-750 chat absorption acclamation the afterward questions application the “Analyzing Standards Template”: What similarities and differences did you apprehension amidst the standards or amount propositions? What standards or amount propositions do you feel assured in acclamation in your approaching able convenance with your approaching students? What standards or amount propositions, if any, do you apprehend as actuality arduous in your approaching able convenance specific to the brand akin you ahead to teach? What are the requirements to become a National Board Certified Teacher? Does acceptable a National Board Certified Teacher absorption you? Why or why not?

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