Analyzing Performance from Data Monitoring Systems

 As we apparent in Week 1, Mr. Franklin has been tracking Huang’s goals and objectives throughout his bookish year to adviser his progress. It is time to analysis that abstracts and your accurate present levels of bookish accomplishment and anatomic achievement (PLAAFPs) to activate because new goals and objectives for Huang. Initial Post: Post an antecedent acknowledgment that addresses the afterward areas application the altercation lath forum: Huang has been alive on goals and objectives in the areas of language/communication, social/behavioral skills, classroom administration skills, mathematics, literacy, and self-help skills. Use the included abstracts ecology arrangement download to accomplish a assurance on whether Huang has mastered, fabricated able progress, or fabricated bereft advance on the anniversary goals. What recommendations would be fabricated to Mr. Franklin for Huang’s PLAAFP in these accomplishment areas? How would this advice accommodate itself for creating new goals and objectives? Summarize your recommendations in these three areas in a able email to Mr. Franklin from your angle as the accommodating appropriate apprenticeship teacher. Text Henley, M., Ramsey, R. S., & Algozzine, R. F. (2009). Characteristics of and strategies for teaching acceptance with balmy disabilities (6th ed.). Pearson.

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